S-Class Sales Start: OLED display is standard and costs extra

Mercedes-Benz is now accepting orders for the new S-Class
Mercedes-Benz is now accepting orders for the new S-Class

Mercedes-Benz is now accepting orders for the new S-Class and has also activated the online configurator. This is the first time that the basic prices and costs for the optional equipment have been disclosed. Today US has clicked through the technical highlights, which are sometimes standard and sometimes very expensive.

The entry into the new S-Class of the 223 series comes at a gross price of 93,438 euros (96,094.40 euros) for the S 350 d model.With 4MATIC, the price increases to 97,150 euros (99,806.40 euros) and as S 400 d 4MATIC, it is 103,994 euros (106,998.40 euros). The specifications in brackets refer to the model with a long wheelbase.

Mercedes-Benz currently only offers the smallest gasoline engine S 450 4MATIC with a long wheelbase for 106,650.40 euros, only with the S 500 4MATIC there is again the distinction between short (115,130 euros) and long (117,786.40 euros) version. The prices for the V8 are not yet known.

OLED display is standard in Germany

With the sales launch, Mercedes-Benz has announced that the vehicle will be offered as standard with the larger OLED screen in the centre console, at least in Germany, which also offers haptic feedback for touch inputs. To announce the new S-Class, Mercedes-Benz had named an 11.9-inch screen with 1,624 1,728 pixels for the series and an OLED panel with 12.8 inches and 1,888 1,728 pixels as an option. This distinction will not exist for the German market. On the central screen, the 2nd generation MBUX is shown, driven by an Nvidia-Xavier SoC.

AR-HUD only in expensive package with 3D driver display

Mercedes-Benz S-Class (model series 223)
Mercedes-Benz S-Class model series 223

Another novelty is the driver display with autostereoscopic 3D effect, which also offers two integrated cameras for facial recognition. Its surcharge is 1,148.40 euros, as is now known. For the new head-up display with augmented reality overlay, for example for turning arrows in front of the car, Mercedes-Benz requires 3,468.40 euros, as this optional equipment can only be ordered in combination with the 3D driver display. Adjusted, the surcharge would be 2,320 euros.

Digital Light costs around 2,200 euros

Other technical highlights are also only on the list of optional equipment. This includes, for example, the new Digital Light, which offers a light resolution of 2.6 million pixels via a high-performance LED and a DLP module with 1.3 million micromirrors each, so that, for example, the high-beam assistant can work more than 100 times more accurately than the previous 84-pixel light when ignoring oncoming traffic or traffic signs. On the other hand, projections on the road in front of the vehicle are possible. Examples of this are an excavator symbol for recognized construction sites, warnings and markings of pedestrians on the edge of the road, indications for traffic lights, stop signs or bans on entry, and guide markings for narrow lanes. The Digital Light costs 2,192.40 Euro extra for all models.

Faster LTE costs surcharge

Additional features include the active ambient lighting for 916.40 euros, whose visual feedback has been integrated into the driver assistance systems, the MBUX interior assistant for 626,40 Euro, which should automatically recognize numerous movements and gestures via cameras in the roof control unit, the park package with 360-degree camera for 1,102 Euro and the rear entertainment with two additional 11.6-inch displays for 3,468.40 Euro. Mercedes-Benz calls for 580 euros for an additional tablet in the rear, while wireless charging costs 324.80 euros extra in the rear - it is standard in the front. Four additional USB Type-C sockets cost 348 euros, and 174 euros are charged for faster data connection with LTE Advanced instead of LTE.

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