FuryBSD: FreeBSD-based desktop Unix gets new packages

FuryBSD for the desktop is based on FreeBSD and the desktop environment Xfce
FuryBSD Desktop 

The free and completely unixoid operating system FuryBSD for the desktop is based on FreeBSD and the desktop environment Xfce and receives updated software packages as well as better support for touch screens. Based on the free Unix version 4.4BSD, the project wants to be an alternative to OpenBSD and GhostBSD.

A classic desktop with two environments

The desktop Unix FuryBSD builds on FreeBSD and is in turn licensed under the BSD, a permissive open source license that governs the use of BSD, a variant of the Unix operating system. With the latest update, FuryBSD 12.1 Release P9 receives several new software packages and updates for the two available desktop environments Xfce 4.14.2 and KDE Plasma 5.19, which users already know from current Linux distributions.

Reduced to the essentials and equipped with little eye candy, FuryBSD primarily addresses the classic desktop.

FuryBSD with classic desktop of type Xfce 4.14.4

The release P9 of version 12.1 is accompanied by the following changes, which can also be found in the official Release notes of the developers:

  • Xfce 4.14
  • Plasma 5.9.2
  • Firefox 79.0.1
  • Xorg 1.20.8_3.1
  • Nvidia-driver-440.100
  • Drm-fbsd12.0-kmod-4.16.g20200221
  • Added check for 4GB minimum system memory to boot image
  • Removed problematic XFCE screensaver and power settings
  • Replaced UnionFS with compressed ZFS memdisk
  • Improved support for touchscreen and trackpads
  • Added VMSVGA support for VirtualBox 6

FuryBSD Version 12.1 Release P9

If you would like to try out desktop Unix, you can find the two images FuryBSD 12.1 with Xfce 4.14 (ISO) and FuryBSD 12.1 with Plasma 5.19 (ISO) on SourceForge, the file hosting service for software projects.

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