From the community: The Office x Gaming project

The Office x Gaming project
The Office x Gaming project

From the community comes again a real pearl of readers' articles, which merge office and gaming rooms as well as modern and retro in a great project. A tripple screen setup, high-quality peripherals and coordinated RGB components meet legendary keyboards such as the IBM Model M.

In his reader’s article  [Project] Neues Büro oder. Community member Magl describes the creation of his new "office and retreat" in detail.
The background was my wife and my son, who both decided that our old office under the roof is much too big and you can use the space much more meaningfully.

Since my son wants a new room and I finally get my own retreat, I was not averse.

Starting with clearing out, the author reports on 70 to 80 hours of work on the "Office x Gaming" project, which is ultimately set in scene with atmospheric RGB lighting.

RGB style 1, left imageRGB style 2, right

The author would be very pleased about feedback, comments and questions as well as suggestions for improvement from the Todayus community under his reader article.

Give me the clues!

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