Economical mini PCs from Zotac: Zbox C, M edge and M nano available for 209 to 445 euros

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Zotac Zbox Edge MI643

Zotac has launched the sales launch for four new micro Pcs, including three from the Zbox Edge family and one from the Zbox Nano family. MI643 and MI623 cost with Intel Comet Lake Core i5 or Core i3 from 445 euros and 342 euros. The more economical Mini PC with Intel Celeron Soc is offered for 208 euros.

Economical mini PCs from Zotac: Zbox C, M edge 

Zotac had already presented the new generation of compact small Pcs at the CES at the beginning of the year. The Zbox Edge MI643, Zbox Edge MI623 and Zbox Edge CI341 models are among the widely available retail Zboxes with Comet-Lake-CPU, which are offered by the manufacturer with recommended retail prices of 479 euros, 369 euros and 219 euros in different performance classes to appeal to buyers.

Zotac Zbox Edge MI643

The prices called up in the trade are with 445 euro, 342 euro and 208 euro partly already substantially below the mentioned Uvps of the manufacturer.

The Zbox model with AMD Soc, the Ryzen 3 3200U, the Zotac as Zbox CA621 nano (Todayus test) new in the barebone portfolio with passive cooling leads, carries a non-binding price recommendation of 289 Euro. but here, too, first dealers in this country are already undercutting this price at the start with 272 euros.

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