Sony Xperia 1 II: update for RAW photos will be distributed in Europe

Sony brings RAW support for Xperia 1 II in Photo Pro mode
Sony Xperia 1 II

Sony Xperia 1 II update adds RAW capture

A user in the Subreddit for Sony smartphones has received a firmware update to version 58.0.A.3.88 for their Xperia 1 II (test), which adds the RAW mode in the Photo-Pro app. This makes it possible to save photos in the DNG raw data format and develop and edit them as a digital negative, for example on a desktop PC.

The Reddit user h-nucleus is a British O2 customer and has published a series of screenshots in its article showing the new RAW support within the Photo-Pro app. At the market launch, Sony had delivered the smartphone, whose camera was developed together with the Group’s Alpha division, without this mode, but as a later update without an appointment in the future.

RAW photos land on internal memory

The firmware update 58.0.A.3.88 adds the option to save photos not only as JPEG, but also RAW or parallel JPEG and RAW. However, RAW photos can only be stored on the internal memory and not on a microSD card and are not supported in combination with auto-HDR and serial photos. In addition, RAW photos are always stored in 4:3 format.

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