Matrix instant messenger: Schleswig Holstein also launch on open source clients

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Matrix instant messenger

After the Bundeswehr has already announced to rely on the free communication protocol matrix from autumn this year, Schleswig-Holstein is also following suit. The state intends to switch its public administration to the open source client. The matrix messenger element is to be used.

The former Today US the well-known Open Source Client is now also used by the German Bundeswehr for documents of the protection class Verschlusssache.

We see the same in Germany where BWI is currently implementing a Matrix-based solution across the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) called Bwmessenger, targeting 100,000 users.

The Matrix messenger, specially developed for the armed forces, is now called "Bwmessenger" and is currently designed for 100,000 users.

Matrix chat system for up to 500,000 users

As part of Schleswig-Holstein’s open-source strategy for more free software, the "Federal State Administration’s" software infrastructure will be converted as far as possible to existing or new open-source solutions.

As an elementary component of the use of open source software (PDF), a huge instance of the free matrix chat system for the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein and the city state of Hamburg as well as up to 500,000 users will be implemented.

The initial application for the use of open source software (PDF) was submitted to the Landtag on 1 June 2018 by the state government, consisting of the CDU, Alliance 90/The Greens and FDP.

Schools will also be switched to matrix

In addition to the entire public administration, the free instant messenger should also be used in educational institutions, Element explicitly mentions secondary schools and universities. The Matrix instance is scheduled to be ready for launch in September.

Similarly the states of Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg will shortly begin to deploy a matrix-based solution for 500k users across public offices and education as part of its adoption of open source cloud strategy Project Phoenix, from Dataport.
The deployment, aimed at improving the region’s digital sovereignty, includes secondary schools and further education establishments in time for the September term. So far as we know, 500K users makes this the biggest single messaging and collaboration implementation in the world.

By 2025 at the latest, the state government of Schleswig-Holstein intends to completely replace proprietary software used today and wants to become independent of Microsoft and its solutions.

Federal state says goodbye to Microsoft

The Windows Server, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange in the backend as well as Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, the Windows Media Player, are to be replaced and migrated to open source solutions, Microsoft Office and Skype for Business in the frontend.

The use of Linux as an alternative client operating system on the workstations of the state administration and authorities is currently being conceptually developed"to establish a highly integrated and automated operation for Linux", as already achieved with Windows 10, so the Schleswig-Holstein Landtag.

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