Samsung Odyssey G9: monitor is no longer sold due to a problem

The Odyssey G9 features an ultra-wide 49-inch monitor
The Odyssey G9 provides users with a more eye-friendly experience

The poor availability of the new monitor flagship Odyssey G9 from Samsung has its reason. The manufacturer stated on request that equipment not yet delivered will undergo a new quality check. A trader speaks of a potential problem, which is why the sale is initially stopped.

US Traders Report on Potential Problem

On Reddit, among other things, in a US dealer’s response to a customer’s demand, it can be read that Samsung informed the shop about a potential problem with the product and recommended that it not be sold at first. In the comments, there are hints that the sale of the monitor in other shops in North America is suspended for the time being.

Comments from Samsung

Likewise, the monitor is currently not available in Germany, but can still be pre-ordered. On request, the editors received a statement stating that since yesterday, all Odyssey G9 that had not yet been delivered have been subjected to a new quality check, "which explains the bottlenecks in retail. However, the market launch was only planned for mid-July.

To ensure the optimal performance of the Samsung Odyssey G9 monitors, Samsung has adapted the production process. All devices not yet delivered have been subjected to a new quality check since 15 July, which can lead to delayed availability.

However, Samsung does not reveal which quality defects potentially exist and require an adjustment of the production. Reddit is referred to reports from Korea which, according to machine translation, speak of undesired light emission at the edge of the screen due to a defective aperture. If more information is available, the article will be updated.

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