QR codes facilitate communication between brands and their customers on WhatsApp

WhatsApp's added two new features to help brands better
QR codes facilitate communication between brands and their customers on WhatsApp

Whatsapp, Facebook’s email service, introduces two new features aimed at improving contact between brands and their customers.

A QR code to facilitate communication each other.

From now on, a customer will be able to contact a brand by directly scanning a QR code, which the company may have displayed on the front of a store, on the packaging of a product, or on a cash receipt.

The QR code opens the discussion directly, and companies have the option to create a pre-filled message to welcome their client at the opening of the discussion.

Previously, to contact a company through Whatsapp, it was necessary to go through the traditional method of adding the phone number, number by number.

Easier to share catalogues.

Whatsapp is also launching a new feature that allows companies to share their individual product catalogs and presentations – in the form of links to a website, Facebook or Instagram – through the QR code in particular.

“Catalogues allow companies to showcase the goods and services they offer, which can help close sales,” Facebook says in a blog post.

Since their launch last year, catalogues have become a popular way for people to engage with a company on Whatsapp. In fact, more than 40 million people access a catalogue on Whatsapp every month.”

Whatsapp fight against abuse.

Both of these features are available to businesses around the world, whether they use the Whatsapp Business app or the Whatsapp Business API.

The Whatsapp Business app currently has more than 50 million users.

At the end of last year, Facebook warned that it would initiate legal proceedings against companies abusing the functions of Whatsapp Business to launch mass messaging campaigns: Whatsapp will take legal action against those who we believe are involved or helping others to commit abuses that violate our terms of use of the service, such as automated or mass messaging, or its non-personal use, even if this determination is based on information we have only outside our platform.”

“Nothing in this announcement limits Whatsapp’s right to enforce its terms of use of technology, such as banning accounts based on machine learning classifiers, and Whatsapp will continue to do so,” warns the Facebook subsidiary.

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