Mercedes-Benz New S-Class comes with a large MBUX display

Mercedes-Benz New S-Class review
Mercedes-Benz New S-Class

In September, Mercedes-Benz will present the next generation of the S-Class. The luxury saloon will feature a completely redesigned cockpit with a large display running over the centre console, as initial insights into the vehicle show. A head-up display with augmented reality overlay is also new.

Mercedes-Benz is planning to announce the new S-Class of the 223 model series in stages, before the grand showdown with final unveiling is planned in September - in Corona times, it goes without saying that it is purely digital. Initially, however, smaller presentations with a focus on individual functions of the S-Class are planned for this week, at the end of July and for August. It will start tomorrow with a preview of the next generation of the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX), the first generation of which was presented with the A-Class in 2018.

Vertically positioned touch display

The system is now available in several model series, but it is not yet available in the current S-Class of the 222 series. Instead, a new generation MBUX will celebrate its premiere with the next S-Class. Mercedes-Benz will place its bets on a large, vertically positioned screen with touch support, which is no longer positioned above the air vents in widescreen format, but occupies the entire center console below it. Therefore, the comparison to the 17-inch screen in the Tesla Model S or Model X is inevitable.

The exact size of the screen in the new S-Class or the resolution and other features it offers could be announced tomorrow. The first images made available by Mercedes-Benz show that these include functions for air conditioning, navigation, entertainment and comfort. Above the menu items a navigation map is displayed, there is also a central search and several user profiles. The status bar shows features such as LTE and the connection to the Mercedes-me account.

Augmented reality in the head-up display

With the new S-Class, Mercedes-Benz will also present a new head-up display with augmented reality overlay. Dynamic arrows show the right way on the lane and in front of the curve and complement the static display, which provides further information on navigation, speed and speed limit as well as on the active driver assistance systems. It is not the first time that Mercedes-Benz has opted for AR, but so far the arrows are still displayed in the centre console display.

After tomorrow’s focus will be on the new MBUX, the presentation of driver assistance systems with a focus on safety and driving comfort is planned for the end of July. In mid-August, the comfort of the new interior will be shown.

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