ExaDrive The 100TB SSD price $ 40,000

World biggest ExaDrive The 100TB SSD price  $ 40,000
ExaDrive The 100TB SSD price $ 40,000 know feature 

The Exadrive DC100 from Nimbus Data is currently the largest SSD in the world with 100 TB storage capacity. Although the SSD was introduced more than two years ago, there was still a price missing, which is now known and is 40,000 US dollars.

Relatively expensive per terabyte

With the equivalent of 400 US dollars per terabyte, the SSD is relatively expensive, but is also unparalleled in terms of storage space. The currently largest Ssds in the Computerbase price comparison are Enterprise models of the PM1643 series from Samsung with 30.72 TB, which are advertised for about 8,300 euros (about 270 euros per TB). Prior to Nimbus Data, Seagate exhibited a prototype with 60 TB as the largest SSD in the world in 2016, which has not yet been implemented as a product. A year later, Samsung even had a 128 TB SSD in view, of which so far, however, every trace is missing.

Exadrive DC100 SSD with 100 TB

The Exadrive DC100 uses a 3.5-inch case that is unusual for Ssds and is available with SATA or SAS interface. The transfer rates are at 500 MB/s for reading and 460 MB/s for writing at a typical SATA level. The size and weight of 538 grams are similar to a conventional hard drive. Inside, the MLC-NAND-Flash should spread over several boards. The Exadrive, which is also available with 50 TB for 12,500 US dollars, is intended to replace classic nearline Hdds in servers in the areas of cloud storage, big data or artificial intelligence.

Classic SSD advantages and disadvantages

The Exadrive DC100 can replace more than five of the largest Hdds with currently up to 18 TB of storage space and offers significantly more performance with SSD technology. However, other advantages such as the lower demand for space, energy and cooling meet the disadvantage of the high price due to the large number of necessary memory chips. Because five of the new 18 TB Hdds together provide 90 TB of storage for less than 3,200 euros.

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