Removed from the market Amazon reworked free to play shooter Crucible

PvP action shooter Crucible back into closed beta after releasing
Amazon's shooter Crucible goes back into closed beta after rocky launch

Not even six weeks after its appearance, Amazon’s first game has disappeared from the market and been "unpublished". The free-to-play shooter Crucible returns to the drawing board in the form of a closed beta phase with immediate effect and is being reworked.

The failure of the game is documented by user ratings on Steam, which are only 43 percent positive, but also a Metascore of 56/100 points (press) and 4.3/10 points (player) on Metacritic. Such a rating does not necessarily have to be an economic death sentence, but in this case it is: Of initially about 8,500 simultaneous players, according to Steam Charts after six weeks, a maximum of 180 are left. The drop in player numbers was also dramatic, as the average for the last 30 days is 354 players. Crucible has not been able to tie players for more than a few hours.

Steam Charts Documents Failure

Improve game

In the coming months, the developers want to continue to work on features of the official roadmap, on the other hand to make improvements based on the feedback so far. The fact that this is worthwhile is shown by evaluations that at least attest to the potential of the basic idea and the previous implementation.

Practically nothing changes due to the change to the status of a closed beta. 

Existing players automatically get access and can continue to play as usual, as the operation up to the in-game shop is maintained in full. Previous players can participate in the closed beta. Anyone who is also interested in Crucible should be able to apply for access at a later date.

Destiny and Rainbow Six: have already shown victories in the live service segment that long breath can bring success. Both were not published as round, finished products, but only made after opening for players. Both, however, could refer to unique features that have provided a basic interest. Crucible, on the other hand, seems like a mix of well-known ideas, which gives the shooter little argument in his half-hearted execution to poach players from other titles.

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