Cooler Master NR200 The Ncase M1 will soon be bigger and cheaper

Cooler Master NR200 (New ITX Case) Overclockers UK
Cooler Master NR200 The Ncase M1 

Cooler Masters ITX case Masterbox NR200P offers a lot of space for coolers and large graphics cards, but only needs about 18 liters volume. First reviews sound promising.

A larger Ncase M1

With the official presentation, Cooler Master confirms many of the previously leaked information about the housing. What Cooler Master has built is a larger version of the Ncase M1, which in Germany will not cost 300, but only between 70 and 100 euros, and, as a first review by Optimum Tech (Youtube) reveals, offers comparatively good cooling options.

The five additional liters of volume allow you to use higher coolers. The limit for air coolers is officially 155 millimeters, but according to Optimum Tech, exactly 158 millimeters high units also fit. This allows the use of the Noctua NH-U12A (test), for example.If the NR200P is purchased with a glass side panel, however, two millimetres will be lost again. However, the view of the hardware is always bought at higher temperatures with other Mini-itx housings. Alternatively, the CPU can also be cooled with a 280 mm radiator on the left side.

Cooler Master Master Box NR200P

Graphics cards can also be used with three slot widths up to a length of 330 millimeters. Thus, every currently available model fits into the NR200. In addition, the NR200P has the option of vertically mounting the graphics card with the aid of a riser cable. Then, however, it can only be two slots wide, the CPU cooler only 76 millimeters high, a 240 mm radiator can then be used on the ground. In addition to both radiator positions, Cooler Master has provided the installation of a pump.

SFX or SFX-L power supplies puts Cooler 

Master in front of the Mini-itx or Mini-dtx motherboard. It is possible to align the fan to the right side or to move the power supply completely to the front and to ventilate from the interior. Such positioning makes it possible to use a narrow Micro-ATX motherboard that is a maximum of 244 226 millimeters in size. In addition to the power supply, hard drives have space, a maximum of 3.5" HDD and two 2.5" Hdds are possible. A 92 and two 120 millimeters (1,8800 rev/min) wide fan are pre-installed for cooling with the NR200P. The basic model has to do without one of the fans.Dust filters are located in front of all air intakes.

The NR200P will be available in stores soon.

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