iOS 14 and iOS 13.6 BMW Connected App 10.8 supports the digital key

After you setup Digital Key, you will still be able to use your Digital Key even if you uninstall the BMW Connected app
iOS 14 and iOS 13.6 BMW Connected App 10.8

The BMW Connected App was released for download from the Apple App Store on Friday night. This makes it possible for users of the app to set up the BMW Digital Key and transfer it to the Apple Wallet for the first time.

Only BMW vehicles produced from 1 July are compatible with the virtual car key. The feature is also part of a recently released software update of BMW OS 7, which is also available for older vehicles, but explicitly the BMW Digital Key only works with corresponding NFC hardware, which will be available from 1 July in the Model Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, X5, X6, X7, X5M, X6M and Z4 are used. The 7 Series does not support the BMW Digital Key according to current status.

Digital Key works from iOS 13.6

With version 10.8 of the  can be set up for the first time in new July vehicles. So far, however, this is only possible for users of the iOS 14 beta, as Apple has not yet released the second supported operating system, iOS 13.6, for download. However, the release of the next stable iOS version is expected shortly.

On the smartphones, the BMW Digital Key can be used on all Apple smartphones from the launch of the iPhone XS (Max) and iPhone XR in September 2018. The recently introduced iPhone SE of the 2nd generation also supports the feature. Likewise, the use works from the Apple Watch 5, but smartwatch owners do not have to wait until watchOS 7, but can store their car keys from watchOS 6.2.8 on the watch. Setting up the key for the smartwatch is also possible via the BMW Connected App after the smartphone has been set up as the key and transferred to the Apple Wallet.

How to set up the digital key

An Internet connection is required to set up the BMW Digital Key, but not for the actual use of the virtual car key. As soon as users have logged in to the new BMW Connected App with their BMW ID and a vehicle has been added to the account, an area with the title "Digital Key" appears on the start page of the app for compatible vehicles.

Certain security requirements must be met for the initial setup of Digital Key. The user must be in the vehicle and carry both classic vehicle keys to prove that he really is the owner. However, you only have to follow the instructions of the app before the new car key is stored in the Apple Wallet. The addition of a digital key is confirmed by a note in the control display of the center console.
how to set up, use and manage the virtual keys in a detailed article in the context of the WWDC.

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