AVM Fritz OS 7.20 released for the Fritz Box 7590

AVM Fritz OS 7.20 released for the Fritz Box 7590
AVM Fritz OS 7.20 

AVM has released the new firmware Fritz! OS 7.20 for the first time for the Fritz! Box 7590 for download.Gradually more current Fritz! products are also supplied with the new version. In its announcement, the manufacturer speaks of more than 100 innovations in the areas of Wi-Fi mesh, smart home and telephony.

AVM promises more speed in the WLAN and Mesh, a higher security for the wireless hotspot and new VPN connections as well as Fritz! NAS with Smbv2 and v3.In addition, the Fritz! Fon receives new ringtones and a smart "number entry".

Wifi and mesh are becoming more intelligent

With the update to Fritz! OS 7.20 all Fritz! Box models and Fritz! Repeater Send data more intelligently and thus faster through the mesh WLAN of AVM (Test), from which all WLAN devices, from the smartphone to the tablet to the Smart TV and PC, should benefit. The transfer from router to repeater or from repeater to repeater should now be faster and more seamless.

Fritz! OS 7.20 also brings support for the new encryption method WPA3. WPA3 was adopted by the Wi-Fi Alliance in June 2018 and aims to provide more security.

Device lock with just one click

With the new device lock, selected systems and devices in the home network as well as guest access and Wi-Fi hotspots can be switched on and off with just one click. With this, AVM wants to make access control for its own network easier and more secure.

Faster VPN connections for the home office

The Fritz! Box 7590 can be used with Fritz! OS 7.20 and Fritz! Integrate NAS into your home network faster and easier as the Windows network drive feature now supports the Smbv2 and Smbv3 protocols. AVM also wants to have nearly tripled the transfer speeds via a VPN connection to or from the home office.

Update for Smart Home and Fritz! Fon

New and individual ringtones for the different models of the Fritz! Fon as well as multiple "smart" phone books with an autocompletion of the number entry and the integration of iCloud and Telekom contacts round off the firmware update. Fritz! OS 7.20 also supports the Fritz! DECT 500 LED lamp and the Fritz! DECT 440 quadruple button.

All data refer to the Fritz! Box 7590, which is already supported by Fritz! OS 7.20, and the soon to be supported by Fritz! OS 7.20 supported models Fritz! Box 6660 Cable and 6591 Cable - further models will follow.

AVM has compiled further information on the innovations on a Fritz! OS 7.20 website.

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