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What is solution selling

Whether you’re running a small business or on your own, equipping with hardware that isn’t bought at the best price can quickly turn your accounts into red. Each euro invested must represent a real gain in productivity and, by extension, in turnover. Similarly, looking for the best price without making mistakes on references can be just as expensive in man-time. The most practical is then to use a specialized price comparator like Todayus.xyz. An indispensable service that ensures you to buy the right equipment for your business at the best price, regardless of the time or emergency.

The price and the accompaniment

For nearly six years, the Todayus.xyz service has been facilitating the search for computer equipment for individuals, but also for small businesses, whether it is for the acquisition of a laptop, a desktop PC, a hybrid or, even, a tablet touch for users in ultra-mobility situations.

Customers satisfied by the simplicity of the site, expert advice and quality monitoring, the specialized comparator working with the main manufacturers of the market (Acer, Asus, HP, Lenovo, etc.) and French resellers of computer equipment (Fnac, Cdiscount, Darty, etc.). For a self entrepreneur or a TPE manager, using a site like Todayus.xyz is one less concern in the day-to-day management of his computer park, or even his business.

So, if you’re looking for a cheap laptop for office automation, you’ll only need a few clicks to discover the lowest prices on the market based on your expectations and usage.

A wide choice

Compare-malin.fr includes a large number of product references. You will find all the biggest brands and almost all their models referenced by partner retailers. A base of references that enriches from day to day, since dozens of products are added daily by the teams of the site.

Navigation is simplified by classifying products by well-identified categories. It is therefore very simple to pre-screen by manufacturer, format, use or technical specifications. You can also refine your search using the many filters available on the site.

In just a few clicks, it is possible, for example, to limit the results to notebooks equipped with an SSD hard drive with an Intel Core processor and a 15-inch screen for a limited budget. The comparator will return to you the list of all the products corresponding to your criteria with the best offers.

These references are, moreover, well qualified in order to fully inform the consumer or the company before its act of purchase. You will find for each product photos, videos, but also all the technical characteristics of each model, from the processor to the number of USB ports through the screen and the dimensions of the device. A rigorous work that makes it possible to select the product most suited to the needs of computer equipment and high-tech of his company.

It then becomes very easy to find the model that will equip your different services, by accurately selecting the processor, the RAM, the screen size and of course the budget. The site stands out from other Web price comparators because of the accuracy and reliability of its datasheets that will help you choose the future equipment of your company without being mistaken.

Compare to buy better

The other strength of Todayus.xyz, is as its name indicates the comparison of the products. If you hesitate between three models with similar characteristics and prices, the site has a module to make a comparative and very detailed reading of the product data sheets. This is a good way to see, on the crucial points as well as on the more ancillary points, the qualities and defects of a computer in front of its direct competitors.

Thus, you avoid over-investing (overpayment, at the risk of not being profitable) or under-investing (too little spending, at the risk of not getting the expected performance). And to be sure not to mislead you in the choice of your computer park, reviews and reviews from other customers are an additional tool to help you avoid any unpleasant surprises. A faster choice, but also safer, more enlightened.

So, if you want to make your professional micro purchases without making a mistake on the material or getting you fooled on the prices, it’s on Todayus.xyz that it happens.

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