The trailer for the game Scorn for the Xbox Series X runs with an RTX 2080 Ti

Trailer Was Running on an RTX 2080Ti. By Alessio Palumbo
Scorn for the Xbox Series X 

Scorn Xbox Series X trailer was actually running on RTX 2080Ti and Ryzen CPU

In early May, you may have discovered the trailer of Scorn, a horrific FPS developed by Ebb Software for Microsoft. The title will be released on PC and Xbox Series X on an unknown date. However, in the video released almost a month ago, it says that «the images, rendered with the game engine, are representative of the visual quality expected on Xbox Series X». So, it was running on PC. Of course, we wonder what equipment.

Ljubomir Peklar, artistic director of the game, gave the answer in a recent interview granted to the site Wccftech. He answered in these terms a question about the configuration: This is a tricky question because many people think it is quite easy to get 4K 60 fps on PC with this type of rendering. However, that is not really the case. For the demo, we used a Geforce RTX 2080 Ti and a Ryzen processor, simply because there was no reason not to use them».

A RTX 2070 Super does the trick, as for the demo under Unreal Engine 5

Nevertheless, if the studio did not hesitate to use a very high-end NVIDIA card, the individual adds: «but a RTX 2070 Super card with the right settings is able to run the game in 4K at 60 fps».

Finally, remember that in the case of the demo under Unreal Engine 5, a RTX 2070 Super also made it possible to make it in «good conditions».

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