Rotate layout Sharkoon REV 220 points connections upwards

Rotated layout Sharkoons REV220 points connections upwards
Rotated layout Sharkoons REV220 points connections upwards

With the Sharkoon REV220 the connectors of the motherboard and graphics card show up. This layout, which can already be found in the Fortress series of Silverstone, is however combined with a horizontally guided air flow in this midi tower. The enclosure is to be set up on the left by the user.

With these features, the REV220 suspiciously resembles the already available REV200. The models are not identical: The REV220 has a redesigned front, which imitates the look of carbon. In addition, an indirectly illuminated aluminium element is placed in the middle.In addition to the design, there are differences in the fan equipment.

Larger fans fit now

According to the data sheet, two 140 mm fans can now be used at the front and rear. However, the five pre-installed 120 mm fans must be removed in order to take advantage of this possibility. Three unlit fans are installed by Sharkoon behind the front, two RGB variants on the back; the rotated layout creates the necessary space there. It is also possible to use a 360 mm radiator behind the front, a 240 mm heat exchanger fits the rear.

Sharkoon REV220

Due to the rotated layout, the graphics card is directly supplied with fresh air. It may be a maximum of 323 millimetres long when mounted over the hard drives. If it is in the first expansion slot and thus still above the power supply, 285 millimeters are available. Coolers can be used up to a height of 165 millimeters, which excludes only individual products.

In the front area of the case, Sharkoon places two individual HDD cages for a 3.5 and 2.5-inch drive each. They sit directly under the SATA ports of the motherboard.Two additional 2.5-inch Hdds fit behind the motherboard.

Price at the same level

The REV220 is currently offered in retail at prices starting at 107 euros, but not yet available, making it five euros more expensive than the REV200. It is to be expected that the prices will adjust in the coming weeks.

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