Quantum Error a first trailer with gameplay on PS5

PS5 Horror Game Quantum Error Gets First Trailer, Watch It
Quantum Error PS5 gameplay 

Developed exclusively for PS5 and PS4, Quantum Error shows how oppressive its horrific atmosphere is in a new video with the presence of strange creatures.

The horrific FPS with lovecrafty inspirations from the American independent studio Teamkill Media aims for 4K quality with 60fps on PS5 as well as Ray Tracing in real time. If the development started on the Unreal Engine 4, the developers are ready to switch to the Unreal Engine 5 next year, even if they would still like to offer Quantum Error at the launch of the new Sony console. The next meeting is already planned for the summer with a new video showing the technical qualities and mechanics of the cosmic horror game.

Quantum Error and its gameplay on PS5

In this new license, the players will play Jacob Thomas, a firefighter from the Garboa district in San Francisco. As in Dead Space, this blue collar sent to the Monad Quantum research center, not far from the Californian coast, after the complex caught fire unexpectedly, with its partner Shane Costa to save survivors. Specialized in creating an intelligent technology that can be integrated directly into the nervous system (almost everyone uses it all over the world, people have become like robots using an autopilot mode for work), the complex is attacked by an unknown enemy. The rescue mission will turn into a nightmare and sink into darkness.

Teamkill Media focuses on a mixture of fighting phases and puzzles, but also with the presence of environmental obstacles that emphasize the protagonist’s skills in firefighting. The studio also indicated that there will be many different ideas from different cultures and times:
The basis of many concepts comes from Gnosticism, and the essential elements of history include Hindu and Buddhist practices but twisted backwards.

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