Project Cars 3 to be released this summer on PC Xbox and PS4

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Project Cars 3 PS4 Release
Slightly Mad Studios and Bandai Namco are about to unveil the third installment of the Project Cars saga. The game will arrive on PC, Xbox One and PS4 this summer, and with it a lot of novelties.

Xbox One and PS4 Car 

No, this is not a third part of the adventures of Flash Mcqueen, but a new game developed by Slightly Mad Studios. During a video conference, the developers of the studios presented the third part of the Project Cars series. Unveiled in 2015, the racing video game was hailed by critics for the sensations of driving and the demands of driving. In this new part, players will be able to create their driver and choose from a variety of motorsports. It will be possible to test your skills online during full and competitive race weekends and race against time based on rankings. Each day, the player will have the opportunity to face some challenges. Bandai Namco continues to rely on the XP reward system for transactions in the game. Credits are accumulated by players, when they withdraw flight aids or take risks on the track. With these credits, players will be able to improve the characteristics of their vehicles and customize their car.

Multiplayer at the heart of the project

There are two types of players, those who will choose to evolve their team with career mode and those who prefer to face friends with multiplayer mode. For this last category, Bandai Namco has put on a double load by offering a personalized experience. To make a quick game, we will choose the «Quick Play» mode, while the events will allow us to compete on tougher competitions and designed by hand by the developers. Finally, the custom game mode offers a unique experience and lets the player modify the circuit, time or vehicles. The first trailer, unveiled earlier than expected, offers a first preview of the game and we must say that it is promising. Project car 3 arrives on PS4, PC and Xbox One this summer.

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