Most powerful Porsche 911 The Turbo S addition creates feelings of happiness

porsche 911 turbo s horsepower
Porsche Turbo S 2020

The new Porsche 911 Turbo S doesn’t want it any other way - in other words, we had to do it. On top of that, on a Covid19-empty highway - word of honor! And in general: In the range from 220 to 330 km/h the car just seems to feel particularly comfortable. First of all, the Porsche Turbo S of the eighth 911 Generation 992 is a gigantic car, and it’s one big fun. 650 hp, according to the data sheet, from zero to one hundred in 2.7 seconds - all of which can’t even begin to express the feeling you get when you really speed up.

Then when the driver is pushed into the sports seats, endorphins are poured out, and some internal organs have felt difficulty coming with the Turbo S. And when the on-board computer calculates a consumption of 27.2 litres of Super Plus per 100 kilometres after a fairly fast drive of 80 kilometres on the A7 to Flensburg (Also interesting: Limited edition - The Porsche 911 Targa as Heritage Design Edition)
The Porsche 911 Turbo S in the Hamburg evening sun: If we could paint a work of art, it would look like this.
The rear is also impressive, with all Porsche Turbo models featuring a distinctive spoiler.

Porsche 911 Turbo S: A journey with the "widowmaker"

This is the ultimate sports car for several generations of men, and in 1974 the first Turbo was presented at the Paris Motor Show. Since 1975, he has been driving on the motorways and boulevards with outstanding 260 hp, always easily recognizable by the large spoiler. Because there were no driving stabilization programs at that time, the notorious turbo holes in acceleration. Four-wheel drive, too, was not a turbo standard at the time, rather the inclination to rear skid.

porsche 911 turbo s review
911 Turbo S

The turbo, that was Will Smith’s car in the '90s action comedy Bad Boys. Ralph Lauren, today one of the most ambitious classic car collectors in the world, blames a 1979 Porsche Turbo - his first sports car - to a large extent for his automotive passion today. Also David Beckham and Arnold Schwarzenegger are turbo-disciples. The bodyguards just have to watch as they come behind.(To match: Porsche 911 Turbo - on the way with the museum loan)

And now the 992, the eighth 911 generation.

 As Turbo S., the current best-of of the Porsche developers and the result of more than four decades of continuous optimization. Now in Zuffenhausen you are basically proud of your products, but with this car a special respect resonates. No matter who you talk to, the tenor is always: "Who would have thought after the 991 that you can make the car even better".

Turbo S as own car category

In fact, the former "widowmaker" has managed to have a reputation today for being the most sensible form of super sports cars. Because that is it - at least with regard to performance - without any doubt. At the same time, however, significantly less flamboyant than the Italian competition with the horse or bull in the logo. Brutally strong, yet incredibly playful and easy to drive - virtually suitable for everyday use. So a car that doesn’t really fit in any car? Super sports car? No, it’s just the Turbo S.

With this, you are now in front of the Hamburg Porsche Center, where the GT silver metallic test vehicle quickly attracts the attention of both sellers and customers. One of the peculiarities of the sale of cars like this is that - Corona, for uncertain stock markets - cars like this are more or less blindly ordered, without ever having seen it in all its glory. Photos and myths are enough, the patience to wait until the cars are also on the road to admire have the least.(Read also: The GQ test car highlights in June - 3 open Englishmen for the summer)

Porsche 911 Turbo S: Understatement at a statement price

A restaurateur takes pictures of the car for his Instagram story, he has ordered two Turbo S at once - once the convertible, once the coupé, one for himself, the other for his father - and is now looking forward to something more. While the German automotive industry may face major challenges, such extreme derivatives at prices starting at 218,212 euros are apparently still (almost) selling themselves.

The only controversial issue is the sports exhaust system, which is subject to a surcharge. It makes the sound of the 3.8-liter engine more exciting, but does not have the turbo-typical angular exhaust look. The recognition value on the street is therefore lower, but in which you can also see a profit: Who appreciates understatement, will like the new look better.

However, the 911-typical friendly look also remains unique in the new Turbo S. Yes, in this version the 992 is wider than the standard Carreras and air intakes and spoilers make the extra power no secret, but the headlight look remains lovingly sovereign. With a 911, you always move a car that seems to say in a world full of increasingly aggressive competitors: "I know about my power. I really don’t have to prove anything to anyone."

Turbo: The most powerful 911 on the highway

Because the car is currently still a very rare street sight, you regularly get friendly looks and thumbs up from other cars in the city. And on the highway? There is only one way: forward, whether in the standard driving program, in sports or sports plus mode. Compared to the previous generation, the Turbo S drives several stages more precisely, safer, better. Which is largely due to the suspension, the variable front spoiler and the 992 rear axle steering, which is standard here.

The incredibly fast speeds feel so much lower. Perhaps future Turbo-S owners should be made aware of this dangerous circumstance during vehicle registration? Although the hardcore fans in front of the branch already knew: "It should be like a mixture of GT2RS and turbo, right?" Which fits pretty well. The performance of one, plus the comfort of the other, is finished the current 992 Turbo S.

After the trip on the motorway, however, we report in the Porsche-Zentrum about wind noises, which would have occurred at some point. There you smile: Yes, they would hear that more often. People who chase with beyond 300 km/h over the highway, and then wonder that it will eventually get a little louder. Which means: There are things that can’t be avoided at this level. And if at some point, then guaranteed first in the Turbo S.(Also interesting: ABT RS7-R - The tuning monster with 740 hp)

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