No Man's Sky Crossplay Patch Xbox Game Release

No Man’s Sky, another game joins the still manageable ranks of cross-platform multiplayer games
No Man’s Sky game 

With No Man’s Sky, another game joins the still manageable ranks of cross-platform multiplayer games. In parallel to tomorrow’s Xbox Game Pass release, the space game will receive an update with cross-play support for shared games on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

No Man’s Sky receives crossplay on all platforms

The update aims to enable players to explore, travel, survive, build and trade across all three platforms, so that they can experience all the essential elements of the sandbox survival game together, regardless of the hardware base.

With the parallel release in the Xbox Game Pass, there is also new potential for growth in player numbers. For both the Xbox One and the PC, there is No Man’s Sky as part of the subscription service Game Pass, but a Windows 10 version for the Windows Store is available.

Chat translation and VR with full body

The Patch Notes describe further innovations with tomorrow’s update. Among them are adjustments for the lobby and group management regarding cross-play. In addition, there are new chat functions such as automatic transcription or even translation of voice chat. In VR mode, you can now optionally see the body of your own character, while the view is previously limited to free-floating hands.

The journey goes on

The No Man’s Sky, released in August 2016, had initially received harsh criticism, as promised features were not included. This was followed by a veritable wave of returns and investigations into misleading advertising. Over the years, however, the tide turned to the positive, because with numerous free updates, the popularity has also grown with the extent of the game. A Mech-Exosuit with patch 2.4 was the core of the tenth major content update in April.

As Chief Developer Sean Murray reveals in the recent announcement, further major and minor updates are expected.

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