Docking station NexDock Touch turns smartphones into notebooks

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NexDock Touch is a touchscreen laptop dock for smartphones

The Nexdock Touch docking station transforms smartphones and mini Pcs into a notebook with a 14-inch IPS touchscreen. In addition to Android smartphones, small Pcs such as the Raspberry Pi 4 or Odroid C4 as well as iOS devices can be turned into a touch notebook. In addition, the docking station can serve as a second display.

The smartphone becomes a notebook

In addition to the 14-inch IPS touch display with 1,920 1,080 pixels (FHD), the Nexdock Touch has a battery with a capacity of 60 watt hours and two integrated speakers. With the help of a magnetic mount, the so-called "Magnetic Side Mount", smartphones connected to the dock are to be kept safely in place. However, the accessories must be purchased in addition to the dock.

The connection between the Nexdock and the smartphone is established using USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type C, of which the docking station has a total of three.

NexDock has announced its next laptop dock the NexDock Touch
NexDock has announced its next laptop dock the NexDock Touch

The Mini-pc receives a touch display

With the help of a second cable, mini Pcs and notebooks can also be connected to the Nexdock Touch via HDMI 1.4, for example to use it as a second display. Notebooks with Windows, macOS, Linux and Chome OS are supported. Also iOS devices like the current iPad Pro are supported, but without external touch input.

Pre-order already possible

The Nexdock Touch is scheduled to be delivered on August 31 and can currently be pre-ordered directly from the manufacturer at a price of $249. For a pre-order 100 US dollars must be paid, the shipping to Germany is about 35 US dollars. After the pre-order phase, the Nexdock Touch should be available at a regular price of $319.

The predecessors Nexdock and Nexdock 2, each without touchscreen, are no longer offered. The manufacturer’s blog on the Nexdock Touch provides further details.

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