Pro24X 10M and Pro16T 10M MSI All in One PC Comet Lake CPU

MSI launched two powerful PCs

After years with the Pro24x 10M, the Pro24x 7M is followed by a refresh of the all-in-one Pcs with a 24-inch screen designed for professional users. The revised technical basis includes new Intel Cpus of the 10th Gen with 15 Watt and faster RAM. The portable model with 16" display, the Pro16t 10M, is also new.

Compact complete solution with Comet Lake-U and 24-inch display

Despite the time lag, the larger MSI Pro24x 10M is a comparatively discreet product maintenance, because the technology is still behind the 23.8-inch Full HD IPS panel without touch support. The dimensions are unchanged for the predecessor Pro24x 7M with 538.44 169.96 399.96 mm (W D H).

MSI Pro24x 10M

Inside the Pro24x 10M, MSI now installs the Core i7-10510U or the Core i5-10210U (Comet Lake-U (Test)) with 15 Watt TDP. Both processors offer four cores and eight threads, with the Core i7 superior to the Core i5 with a higher boost clock of maximum 4.8 Ghz to 4.1 Ghz. The integrated Intel GPU is used as the GPU in the Pro24x 10M.Ex factory, a RAM module with 16 GB (Core i7) or 8 GB (Core i5) and 2,666 Mhz are installed. The predecessor used DDR4-2400.

Standstill at the mass storage

The Pro24x 10M is hardly better placed by MSI than its predecessor. In the basic variant, there is a Nvme SSD connected via four Pcie 3.0 lanes with a capacity reduced by half to 256 GB. MSI continues to offer a 512 GB SSD in the Core i7 spin-off.

New WLAN module offers Bluetooth 5.0

For the network connection, MSI on the Pro24x 10M also did not dare to make any big leaps and continues to rely on two RJ45 sockets, which come with Gigabit LAN. A WLAN module from Intel (Intel Wireless AC 9462), which still only supports Wi-Fi 5 as a radio standard, but with Bluetooth in version 5.0 is better than its direct predecessor (Intel Wireless AC 3168) radio.

Furthermore six USB ports according to type A

Again without any changes, MSI has adopted the interfaces, which include not only an HDMI output and two laterally arranged audio jacks but also the six USB ports (type A). Four are specified according to standard USB 3.2 Gen 1 (5 Gbit/s), two according to aged USB 2.0. The MSI Pro24x 10M weighs 4.4 kg with the power supply housed in the housing, which offers an increased rated output from 65 to 90 watts.

The Pro16t 10M works with Celeron or Pentium fanless

As a second novelty, MSI presented the Pro16t 10M model, which converts on the tracks of the AP16 Flex. A 15.6-inch display with touch functionality allows input via the screen behind which the components hide. The resolution of the anti-reflective IPS panel is 1,366 768 pixels. For the processors, you can choose between an Intel Celeron 5205U and the Pentium Gold 6405U, which are fanless cooled.

Factory installed MSI 4 GB DDR4 RAM, which can be expanded in the two existing SO-DIMM slots up to 32 GB. The 399.5 69.2 313.9 mm (W T H) housing not only accommodates an M.2 SDD but also a 2.5-inch hard drive. Another HDD recording is offered as memory expansion. In the data sheet, MSI does not yet provide information about the factory-available capacities of the drives.

With Com-Port and parallel interface for special tasks

In addition to several COM and USB ports (4 USB 3.2 Gen1, 2 USB 2.0), MSI particularly emphasizes in the announcement of the Pro16t 10M also a parallel interface for a printer or a scanner, "Commercial projects in restaurants, hotels, shopping centres and office facilities" are to be defined by the intended area of application. In addition, the Pro16t 10M from MSI is described as quiet, energy-efficient, durable and insensitive to dust. Two RJ45 ports are available as network connections. A Wi-Fi 5 solution with Bluetooth 5.0 from Intel (Intel Wireless AC 9462) is used as the WLAN module. Further features include an HD webcam, stereo speakers, an SD card reader, a VGA output and a microphone jack. The weight in the basic equipment is 5.6 kg.

So far, MSI has not provided any information on the pricing and planned launch of both new all-in-one Pcs.

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