How much CO2 Emissions an iPhone Produces

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CO2 emissions an iPhone produces

Apple has long been committed to being a green company, and a portal provides information on CO2 emissions from individual products.

Apple has been pursuing a green strategy for years, and Lisa Jackson alone has been involved in this. Meanwhile, all Apple stores and the headquarters in Cupertino have switched to environmentally neutral energy sources, currently the manufacturer is trying to switch its own suppliers to green energy.

Apple CO2 emissions from individual products.

But Apple’s solar farms and wind farms are in China, the US, or Mongolia. Your iPhone accompanies you all the time, so it would be interesting to know how much CO2 emissions a single device causes. This basically depends on the type of device and its dimensions. For each model, Apple provides detailed information in its environment area. From the iPhone to the Apple TV and the iPad to the Mac, you can click through years and models of what a device has cost in terms of CO2.

For example, the iPhone 11 Pro or Max is currently the leader in terms of CO2 emissions. The PRO model, for example, causes 80 kilograms of CO2 emissions, most of which (83%) are already produced during production. Apple uses 13 percent of the total consumption (for example during charging). Logistics and recycling make up only three and one percent.

Apple’s solar farms and wind farms are in China, the US, or Mongolia

Due to its size, the Pro-max model generates slightly more CO2 emissions, namely 86 kilograms. Unlike the PRO model, 16 percent are generated by the use. The cheaper models are also the more environmentally friendly devices - the iPhone 11 beats with 72 kilos of CO2, iPhone SE 2020 - 57 kg CO2 and iPhone XR - 62 kg CO2. The manufacturer distinguishes the models according to storage equipment - the more memory an iPhone has got installed, the more weighty its CO2 footprint is. Thus, 256 GB of memory with an iPhone 11 Pro equal to 16 Kg CO2 more (96 Kg CO2), the 512 GB memory - 30 Kg CO2 compared to the basic equipment, thus already 110 Kg CO2.

By the way, CO2 emissions fluctuate from model to model, the iPhone 5S, for example, still caused 65 kg of CO2, the iPhone SE of the first generation, which is based on it, but is significantly more environmentally friendly and causes according to Apple only 45 kg CO2. The composition of the two models is absolutely identical, except for the iPhone SE the motherboard is one gram more difficult.(Macwelt)

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