FritzOS 7.20 That brings the upcoming version

The update to Fritzos 7.20 brings more fresh features for Fritzboxen
Fritzos 7.20: WPA3, mesh, SMB

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AVM’s Fritz Labor is currently releasing one beta version after another. Not without reason: As the manufacturer recently announced on Twitter, the next big jump within the operating system version Fritzos 7 is imminent. The update to Fritzos 7.20 brings more fresh features for Fritzboxen, Fritzrepeater and for Fritzfon - features that users already try out in the free beta. This is available for download on a website of AVM.What innovations are there?

Fritzos 7.20: DVB-C streaming

A long-awaited feature of Fritzos 7.20 is the DVB-C streaming for the Fritzbox 6591 Cable - after all, the company already announced it at the start of the cable router in May 2019. With the option, you can call up freely receivable TV programs via DVB-C via the router and stream them to supported devices in the home network. You can display up to four different TV channels on a maximum of six devices.

Fritzos 7.20: WPA3, mesh, SMB

Version Fritzos 7.20 improves the protection of WLAN connections by introducing the new security standard "WPA3". In addition, it uses the "WLAN Mesh Steering" more effectively: Fritzboxen then regularly check whether even better transmission is possible for terminals with a good connection. Who operates a hard disk as network storage at the Fritzbox, is pleased that the support of the protocol "Smbv3" makes the access via Fritznas trouble-resistant.

Fritzos 7.20: VDSL and WLAN

In the Fritzbox top models, the higher channel bandwidth of 160 megahertz is permanently activated in the current beta version. It accelerates the speed, but makes the connection more susceptible to interference by other devices. Therefore, it is still unclear whether it is also switched on by default with Fritzos 7.20. Without a flip side, however, the radar detection comes: According to the provider, it is faster, whereby the 5-gigahertz frequency band is once again available for devices. With the upcoming version, the DSL fritz boxes support the protocol "VDSL Long Reach" for larger DSL transmission ranges. Details are also improved in the menu of all AVM routers - soon you will also see blocked devices in the parental controls and home network overviews.

Fritzos 7.20: Telephony and Fax

In terms of telephoning, Fritzos 7.20 also offers something new: customers of Deutsche Telekom, Easybell and make calls encrypted with DSL Fritzboxen on request. The Fritzfon now also suggests telephone book entries when entering the number. In addition, there is a new start screen for the Fritzfon: with the temperature display of a selected sensor. If you use the fax function of your Fritzbox, you can send up to ten pages at once from Fritzos 7.20 - until now, two pages have ended.

Fritzos 7.20: Release

No exact release date for Fritzos 7.20 is known. However, the German manufacturer AVM has indicated on Twitter that the work on the upcoming operating system version is in the final stages.

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