Ford F-150 e-pickup truck is due to arrive in mid-2022

 F-F150, Ford's best-selling pickup truck, Darren Palmer, the head of Ford's Team Edison
Ford F-150 e-pickup truck coming Soon 

Ford plans to launch the electrified version of its F-150 pick-up truck and E-transit in mid-2022. The US automaker relies on its strong brand in a then competitive segment.

This year, Ford plans to present a revamped version of its F-150 classic pick-up truck. By 2021, a hybrid model could be launched on the market. However, the all-electric F-150 will not be on the market until mid-2022, as Ford COO Jim Farley said at a conference on Wednesday. The electric transit market is also scheduled to start in mid-2022, as reported by Today and, which was expected to start in 2023.

Ford: E-pick-up competition waiting

However, especially in the high-sales pick-up segment, the traditional group expects great competition. With Tesla (Cybertruck), Rivian (R1T) and Nikola (Badger) as well as GM (Hummer), several serious rivals want to have their own e-pick-up trucks on the market. According to a Reuters report, GM plans to launch an E-van at the end of 2021 alongside the pick-up scheduled for autumn 2021.

However, according to Farley, Ford sees itself here - as a brand that people trusted. "We are number one in the pick-up and van sectors in Western Europe and the United States, and this is our opportunity," Farley said. About two years ago, Ford had announced its electric offensive. By 2022, around 40 car models will be equipped with electric drives - even the Mustang. A total of eleven billion US dollars is to be spent on electromobility.

Ex-startup temporarily worth more than Ford

On the stock exchange, however, the younger car manufacturers are currently much more popular than traditional companies such as Ford or GM. For example, Nikola, which was founded only in 2014, has been worth more than Ford in the meantime after a brilliant stock market debut last week. The Tesla share, in turn, broke the 1,000 dollar mark for the first time on Wednesday - making Tesla worth more than BMW, Daimler and VW combined.

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