Eve Window Guard Window sensor with HomeKit detects attempts to break in

Eve Window Guard Window sensor with HomeKit detects attempts to break in
Eve Window Guard

The Eve Window Guard window sensor equipped with Apple’s Homekit technology is now available in Germany. The recommended retail price is 149,95 Euro and is therefore above most other door/window contacts. But Eve Window Guard should also offer more.

HomeKit-enabled Eve Window Guard notifies you of suspicious activity

The Eve Window Guard is not only a pure contact sensor, which recognizes the opening and closing of a window by a mounted mounting, but it fits invisibly into all window frames with Eurofalz and recognizes beyond the opening and closing of the window also the tilting as well as glass breakage and manipulation, so the manufacturer Eve Systems.

The sensor should also be able to distinguish burglary attempts from harmless vibrations such as bouncing balls. Integrated into Apple Homekit, it alerts the user about all relevant events via notification on the iPhone. In addition, smart lighting can also be activated via the Homekit automations when an opening or vibration is detected in the absence in order to deter burglars.

Eve Window Guard

However, the Eve app not only shows the user the status of the sensor, but also, via protocol functions of the sensor, whether the room has been adequately ventilated. If you combine the window sensor with the radiator thermostat Eve Thermo, the heating is switched off during ventilation.

Homepod or Apple TV serve as a bridge

As with the other Eve products, communication never flows via a manufacturer’s own bridge or cloud, but directly via iPhone and control center in the form of an Apple Homepod or Apple TV with tvOS 13.4. This is necessary for the notifications as well as the automation and control of the Eve Window Guard on the go. All user and usage data is stored encrypted on iOS and Homekit devices as well as on iCloud. They are neither analyzed nor sold by Eve nor used for advertising purposes.

Installation requires drilling

Two interchangeable CR2032 batteries are installed in the sensor for the power supply. The dimensions of the Eve Window Guard are 135 26 9 mm and Bluetooth LE is used for radio transmission. Drilling into the window frames is necessary for the installation.

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