Dell G7 15 and 17 gaming notebook is smaller and faster

Dell has announced the new G7, its newest midrange gaming laptop
Dell G7 15 and 17 gaming notebook

Apart from the Alienware brand, Dell has its own portfolio of gaming notebooks with the G-Series. In July, Dell is renewing the now available in 15-inch and 17-inch G7 with a completely redesigned, thinner housing, in which henceforth Intel processors of the 10. Core generation and faster Nvidia graphics cards can be accommodated.

Previously, the Dell G7 was only available in Germany in a version with a 17-inch display. From July, the G7 will come to Germany in two sizes, with prices only being announced at the market launch in Dell’s online shop. In the United States, the G7 17 has been available before taxes since the beginning of the week at prices between $1,430 and $2,430, and the G7 15 is scheduled to follow on June 29 at the same price.

While Dell also offers the G5 in several variants with AMD Renoir, the G7 remains a pure Intel notebook. From now on, processors of the Comet Lake-H family from the 10th Core generation are available. These processors are already available in the Intel variants of the Dell G5. The range extends from the Core i7-10750H to the Core i9-10885H of the G7 17, for the 15-inch model there are still no details available.

More and faster memory

More is also the motto for memory, which in Germany was previously limited to twice 8 GB. Dell Germany does not yet mention any details about the equipment, but in the US online shop models with 32 GB consisting of twice 16 GB are available. With 2,933 Mhz, the memory is also faster compared to the last generation (2,666 Mhz).

Geforce RTX 2070 Super and Max-Q

There is also a supply of graphics cards: The maximum available Geforce RTX 2060 with 6 GB GDDR6 in Max-Q design gives way to a new Geforce RTX 2070 Super with 8 GB GDDR6 in the 17-inch model. For the new 15-inch version, a Geforce RTX 2070 Max-Q is used in the highest configuration.

The more powerful hardware puts Dell in a completely redesigned case, which has a straight design and is more compact. Where the old G7 17 still had 404 295.8 25 mm (W T H) in the data sheet, it is now 398.2 290 20.7 mm. In the front area, the notebook with 19.3 mm is still slightly thinner, but individual components partly provide a thickness of 20.7 mm. The reduced display edges, which Dell has reduced from 9.9 mm to 6.5 mm on the G7 15 and to 8.16 mm on the G7 17, are a significant part of the shrink curve.

Fast displays and RGB lighting

In addition to the basic pillars of the hardware, the specific gaming equipment includes displays with 144 Hz or 300 Hz, which combine full HD resolution with up to 300 cd/m² brightness. With Game Shift, players can put cooling in a high-performance mode to stop throttling and keep performance at a high level. Both G7 variants also offer an individually illuminated housing and an illuminated keyboard divided into four RGB zones.

New G5 desktop with Radeon RX 5600

Apart from the notebooks Dell wants to bring in mid-August in Germany respectively beginning of July in the USA the successor of the desktop PC G5 on the market. Here, too, Intel processors of the 10th Core generation of the Comet Lake-S family (Test) as well as new Geforce GTX and RTX graphics cards are being used. But there will also be a AMD Radeon RX 5600 to choose from. With the refreshed PC, Dell is aimed at Full HD players and sets the recommended retail price at 700 US dollars or more.

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