Exchange program Corsair preventively exchanges prone SFX power supply

How do I check my warranty on my Corsair PSU?
Does Corsair have international warranty
Corsair preventively replaces SFX power supplies of the compact SF series which are prone to errors. Affected devices were produced between September 2019 and March 2020 and have an identifier in the range 194448xx to 201148xx.

Voluntary recall of the Corsair SF series

Via the official website, owners of these power supplies can contact support directly and use the so-called "Sfx PSU Voluntary Product Replacement Program". The identifier can be taken from the power supply sticker and can be found below the dashed bar code, as can be seen here in the example of a Corsair SF450. In addition, the code can be found on the box of the power supply.

Advance exchange and full assumption of costs

Corsair offers a pre-replacement for potentially affected power supplies, so that the user first receives a new power supply before having to send in his own power supply. Corsair takes care of the shipping costs.

Corsair emphasizes that the program was launched voluntarily in order to save customers a failure (within the warranty period). High temperatures with simultaneously high humidity should promote a failure. This is not a recall, since there is no danger for the user, nor for the hardware. The manufacturer has summarized further information in its official forum for its customers.

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