CB Retro Survey on Upcoming Retro Topics

C: \ B_retro \: Survey on upcoming retro topics
C: \ B_Retro Game

Now the readers and retro fans are asked for meanwhile over 30 issues of C:\B_retro\and numerous reports from the series „in the test 15 years ago“. In which direction should the subjects of the following issues move and which of these subjects do computer base readers interest particularly? Feedback desirably!

Retro Today

While the current issue of C:\B_retro\makes the first Apple iMac on the subject, three CPU coolers might fight a duel in the topical result of the series „in the test 15 years ago“ once again with 120-mm fan far away of the norm. However, how should it go on with the subject Retro?

Retro tomorrow

To which direction should the next issues of C:\B_retro\go and which subjects are wished in the special? Hardware or software? PC systems or old play consoles? Or, nevertheless, rather quite long forgotten enterprises, groundbreaking technologies and special events? How does it see from with Retro Games?

Ideas, subject proposals and feedback as well as constructive criticism in the forum are expressly welcome.

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