AMD Ryzen C7 SoC Mobile delivers its first details

AMD new Ryzen-series processors for laptops have received a good response
AMD Ryzen C7 SoC mobile platform teased

AMD will tackle mobile chips with the Soc Ryzen C7.

AMD wants to be installed in more and more consumer devices, in addition to the graphics cards and processors already offered on PC or even chips installed in current and future generation home consoles.

The brand aims at a particularly juicy sector: smartphones. AMD has turned to Samsung to help them develop a Soc that will compete with the likes. The idea is above all to integrate the RDNA architecture in the graphic components of Soc.

AMD is developing a Soc called Ryzen C7 that includes 2 ARM Cortex X1 cores at 3 Ghz, 2 ARM Cortex A78 cores at 2.6 Ghz and 4 ARM Cortex A78 cores at 2 Ghz. The graphic part is entrusted to 4 RDNA2 cores clocked at 700 Mhz specially designed for the mobile, associated with the memory LPDDR5 at 2750 Mhz. AMD evokes a native support of the Ray Tracing of the variable rate shading, the HDR10+ and a 2K definition. The whole is engraved by TSMC in 5 nm to guarantee a contained power consumption and little heat release.

AMD Ryzen C7 for smartphones has RDNA2 and Cortex X1 

According to initial tests, the AMD RDNA chip would already surpass the Qualcomm Adreon 650 chip. The Qualcomm chip would display 123 FPS in the Manhattan benchmark 3.1 and 53 FPS in the Aztec benchmark in normal and 20 fps in high setting.

The AMD chip for its part would display 181 FPS under Manhattan 3.1 as well as 138 FPS in Aztec in normal and 58 FPS in high. The release of the Soc is scheduled for 2021.

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