AMD FidelityFX Sharpening arrival in EVE Online

The latest EVE Online patch added AMD's FidelityFX Contrast Adaptive Sharpening
CCP Games has also confirmed that FidelityFX 

CCP Games confirmed that AMD’s Fidelityfx Contrast Adaptive Sharpening (CAS) was added to EVE Online’s highly successful space-based MMO graphics engine. This support improves image quality without reducing performance.
The EVE Online graphics engine will be further evolved with support for DirectX 12 and Ray Tracing
It is a technique that increases the level of sharpness of images without showing artifacts. Fidelityfx CAS increases the level of detail by adjusting the contrast ratio: we tried it with Mechwarrior 5.

AMD's FidelityFX Sharpening is coming to EVE Online

CCP Games states that the lunar surfaces, ship hulls and other details will be more detailed. In addition, Fidelityfx CAS will have a "negligible" impact on the game’s performance. This implementation is only part of a larger plan that will lead the EVE Online engine to support Directx 12. The latter will provide CCP Games with more options to optimize the game and improve its performance and graphic detail.

In addition, with the Directx 12 you can have the Ray Tracing in EVE Online. When the Directx 12 version of EVE Online is released, CCP will remove the Directx 9 and 32-bit versions of the game client. At the moment, however, no detailed timing is communicated about the availability of DX 12 version of EVE Online.

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