AMD AGESA ASRock releases new AM4 firmware

AMD AGESA ASRock releases new AM4 firmware
AMD AGESA ASRock releases new AM4

Asrock has surprisingly released a BIOS with the new and previously not announced firmware AMD AGESA Combo-AM4 for its low-cost AM4 board Asrock B450 Steel Legend. The new AGESA provides improvements in the compatibility of memory, graphics and sound cards.

Asrock delivers the first AGESA

This makes the motherboard the first motherboard ever to enjoy the latest AMD AGESA firmware and its improvements. Asrock also pioneered the current AMD chipset driver for the AM4, TR4 and sTRX40 platforms

The official release notes list the improvements made to the new BIOS 3.40 as follows:
  • Update AMD AGESA Combo-AM4
  • Improve graphics card compatibility
  • Improve memory compatibility
  • Improve UAD-2 DUO audio card compatibility

Agesav2 with support for Zen 3 announces itself

The new AGESA comes as a surprise, because except for MSI no manufacturer has officially released AGESA for its motherboards. In addition, the new firmware Agesav2 with Zen 3 support is already to be released with the upcoming AMD B550 motherboards.

At least with Asrock now numerous motherboards AMD AGESA Combo-AM4 are received.

The editorial team would like to thank the community and team member kontra, who is also responsible for the download archive on Computerbase, for the information on this report.

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