Acer Enduro T5 and T1 outdoor tablets with Windows or Android

Acer Enduro T5 and T1 outdoor tablets with Windows or Android
Acer Enduro T5 and T1 outdoor tablets with Windows or Android

With the Enduro T5 and T1, Acer has introduced two new fully or semi-rugged tablets for use in a wide range of conditions. While the T1 was designed for use in halls, the T5 can also be used outside. However, both devices should not enter the free trade.

According to Acer, the Enduro T5 (ET510-51W) should also perform its service under the most adverse conditions, whereby the manufacturer sees the area of application primarily in dusty and polluted areas such as construction sites or in production. Here, the Windows tablet certified according to the military standard MIL-STD 810G and IP65 should convince by its equipment and its robustness, which means both a protection against dust and splash water. In order to be more independent of an energy source in the field, the T5 should have a battery life of ten hours. If this is not sufficient, the energy storage can be changed with a few simple steps.

Enduro T5 (ET510-51W)

The Enduro T5 can also be centrally administered via the Acer Enduro Management Suite (AEMS), which is designed to facilitate the provision of services or system configurations for multiple devices within a company. Among other things, the physical operating elements can be assigned their own functions to start certain applications faster. Remote device management as well as the activation or deactivation of certain functions such as camera or barcode scanner as well as the complete locking or release of ports remotely is also possible.

Acer has not yet published any detailed information about the technical equipment regarding installed CPU, RAM and memory. It is only known that the tablet has a 10.1-inch display, but information on resolution and brightness is missing.

Enduro T1: 10 inches with Windows or 8 inches with Android

The Enduro T1 (ET110-31W) supports the same military standard, but is only dust-proof with IP54, allowing only limited dust penetration. At the same time, the tablet is protected against splashing water on all sides.

An unspecified Celeron processor from Intel and 64 GB eMMC memory space should provide enough performance. With the optionally available keyboard, it can be used together with Windows as an operating system like a notebook, a use with gloves is with the 10.1-inch touch display nothing in the way.

With a display size of 8 inches, the Enduro T1 (ET108-11A) is specifically designed for retail, warehouse and factory workers who need a robust, but also small device. In contrast to the 10-inch version, this tablet uses Android as a basis.

Only available in specialist shops

Acer offers a wide range of accessories for all enduro variants. In addition to docking stations, keyboards, car chargers and vehicle mounts, handles, shoulder straps or 4-point handrails are also available. Prices are not specified by the manufacturer, and the complete Enduro series is only available on request from specialist dealers.

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