Star Citizen is free to play until June 2

Star Citizen Final Fantasy XIV Free Play
Star Citizen Final Fantasy XIV
It’s hard to know if the Star Citizen video game will be finished one day, but for now, it’s already making the fans happy. Those who do not know can discover it for free until June 2.

Star Citizen is a very unique video game. 

Because of its funding, but especially because of the money that has been injected into its development to date. And it is still not over. Will the game be finished one day? There is a good chance that no one currently has the answer but it is in any case playable. And for free for a few days!

Star Citizen is playable for free

If you are curious about the game’s progress but you did not contribute to its crowdfunding campaign, here is good news: Star Citizen is currently playable for free. Cloud developer Imperium Games launched an event called Free Fly to celebrate its Invictus Launch Week. Thus, until June 2, everyone can create an account and test the game. “Different manufacturers are in the spotlight every day so don’t hesitate to come back and see what this event has to offer,” the studio said in a blog post.

Until June 2 only!

Star Citizen is directed by Chris Roberts, the creator of the cult Wing Commander saga and Freelancer, a space combat simulator released on PC in 2000. His spiritual successor was announced via Kickstarter in 2012 and raised over $2 million. The crowdfunding campaign continued via the official website and to date, the game has received more than $286 million. The goals and ambitions of Star Citizen have evolved a lot over the years, forcing the studio to constantly postpone the official release date and to offer alpha versions to backers. Currently, three months of play are available: Universe, Star Marine and Arena Commander.

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