Soon the Chromax versions of NH-U12A and NF-A12x25 at Noctua

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Noctua NF-A12x25 Chromax White CPU Fans Review

Things are still moving a bit on the side of Noctua, well known for its beige/burgundy machins sometimes difficult to accept for some, but they can now count on an ever more complete chromax catalog. The last big launch of the brand has already seen 3 major references of the catalog go to the dark side, but of which the no less famous NH-U12A was unfortunately absent, to the great displeasure of fans wanting a version easier to tune with the rest of their case.

The reason for the delay seems quite simple. We imagine that at this stage Noctua perfectly mastered the transition to the black paint of the radiator, the problem being rather on the side of the excellent fan NF-A12x25 in sterrox of the brand and whose coloring of the special plastic would be difficult. However, we already know since last November that Noctua has planned this new chromax version for the first half of 2020, and Overclock3d would have even confirmed at the end of April with Noctua that the model—decidedly very anticipated—would arrive more precisely during the summer!

Noctua premium NH-U12A tower cooler (120 mm) launched
Noctua premium NH-U12A tower cooler (120 mm) launched

This brings us now also to the NH-U12A ventirad, mounted by two NF-A12x25 and we invite you to reread the test. Yesterday, a Reddit user shared his exchange (here) with the brand’s customer service, who had been asked (umpteenth time?) the question «Wesh, it’s or the NH-U12A Chraume Max?"  and to which the agent replied that Noctua hopes to launch it in the third quarter of 2020 (perhaps in the company of the fanless monster?).

Noctua Support NH U12A Chromax

Note that another user of the forum had apparently asked an identical question a little earlier in the year and whose answer placed the NH-U12A chromax vaguely towards Q2/Q3 2020. Covid-19 having certainly gone through this, one can think that things must have been a little turned upside down.

 In any case, while remaining careful, we can still have the assurance that the NH-U12A chromax and its pair of A12x25 chromax should only be a matter of months. In addition, clearly much awaited by amateurs, their success seems quite acquired.

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