Path of Exile F2P game receives Vulkan API

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Path of Exile
The free-2-play game Path of Exile gets a new renderer. As Grinding Gear Games announced, patch 3.10.2 adds the low-level API Vulkan, which will serve as an alternative to Directx 11. However, the integration is not yet final, the developers talk about a beta.

The free-2-play game Path of Exile

Grinding Gear Games explains that Vulkan offers a much more consistent performance than Directx 11, which - not surprising for a low-level API - is supposed to apply especially at high CPU load. For example, the multithreading capability of the engine has been improved, which is an advantage for processors with many cores. Especially not controllable driver stalls, triggered by the graphics card, should not exist anymore.

But the Vulkan renderer is not perfect yet, which is why Path of Exile still runs with Directx 11 by default. Vulkan can be activated in the graphics options, but does not run faster on every system.This should change with patch 3.11.

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