Online gambling exploded during containment

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During the confinement, many of us were looking for an occupation to pass the time faster, some chose puzzles, others video games and still others online gambling like Poker.

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The lockdown was a thriving moment for the world of internet gambling, whether it’s online casino games, blackjack or poker. For the latter, there are as many as 200,000 new players on recognized poker sites in France. This is largely due to the lack of entertainment and adrenaline during these two months. But this new fad for some, perhaps a relapse for others and that is what worries addiction specialists who cannot see their patients as in classical times.

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In normal times, addictists push their patients to get air, to go see their friends, their family, in order to occupy their minds to something other than to gamble or play. With confinement, addictists could only advise them to watch TV, play video games as recommended by the WHO or read a book while remaining locked in with the ability to play online, an impossible challenge for some who do not hesitate to play these gambling games for days even if it means losing a lot of money for some. As with drinking, this type of activity is legal, sometimes even a professional activity, but is to be consumed with moderation.

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