Intel Xe AMD loses Xbox chip chief developer to Intel

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Intel Xe AMD
Intel has another high-profile new addition. Ali Ibrahim is not just any senior fellow of AMD, but the Chief Architect at AMD for all Microsoft Console XBOX Socs - the developer of custom chips for the Xbox. He will work for the Intel Xe department in the future.

At Intel, he will be employed as Vice President, 

Intel Architecture, Graphics and Software Director, Platform Architecture and Engineering, which will end up being the department behind the high-pitched title, the Raja Koduri - formerly head of the GPUDivision at AMD - Leader.

The linked-in profile reveals further details. 

It shows a history of AMD’s successes and failures from 2007 to March 2020, from the discontinued ARM project to the widely successful Xbox solutions:

  • Chief Architect at AMD for all Microsoft Console XBOX Socs (multiple generations including XBOX Series X, XBOX one X)
  • Chief Architect cloud gaming at SCBU
  • Product definition and early business engagement (PC, gaming, ML, AR/VR, etc)
  • Manage a group of SOC/Platform/Security/Power/Performance architects
  • Previous roles:
  • Lead architect client Apus including project Skybridge (first ARM/x86 SOC)
  • Lead Power/Soc architect dGPU Architected/Led multiple technologies including Powertune, Zerocore power, etc.

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