Elon Musk teases a James Bond Style Tesla with SpaceX thrusters

Elon Musk on Tesla Roadster SpaceX package
Elon Musk on Tesla Roadster SpaceX package

In an American show, the eccentric billionaire teases a new Tesla vehicle equipped with a cold gas propulsion system hidden under the license plate.

Elon Musk on Tesla Roadster SpaceX package

struck again. In an interview on Jay Leno’s Garage on CNBC, Elon Musk talked about the company’s next electric vehicle, the new Tesla Roadster, expected in 2022. Not wanting in details, the billionaire indicated that the car would have options worthy of a «James Bond» in its edition «Space X package». Musk plans to converge the innovations of his other company, specializing in astronautics and space flights, with Tesla and equip the vehicle with a cold gas propulsion system. In addition, this technology, used at Space X to reshape the trajectory of a satellite, will appear to allow the vehicle to accelerate much faster.

These thrusters, capable of sending "very high pressure compressed air", should be placed at the rear of the vehicle, under the licence plate. In use, this plate could lower to activate the thrusters, send air and propel the craft. This is reminiscent, indeed, of the car with a thousand gadgets driven by agent 007, or, in France, the famous Taxi by Samy Naceri in the suite of films produced and written by Luc Besson. For Musk, the inspiration remains on the side of James Bond, and the billionaire does not hide his admiration for agent 007.

Tesla Roadster SpaceX-Derived Thrusters Confirmed by Musk, James Bond Mentioned

In particular, he had spent nearly $1 million to buy the car of the episode «The Spy Who Loved Me», a largely modified Lotus Esprit S1. This car inspired the design of another recent Tesla vehicle, the impressive Cybertruck, which looks like it came out of a science fiction movie. In addition, this original vehicle also uses technology derived from the work of Space X, by equipping itself with the same stainless steel that equips the rockets of the group.

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