Crypto wallet: Samsung teams up with the Winklevoss twins

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Winklevoss Twins bitcoin

Gemini Trust, the crypto company of the
Winklevoss twins, and Samsung now want to make it easier for smartphone users to trade in cryptocurrencies and work together on their apps.

The Winklevoss twins Tyler and Cameron have made a name for themselves with their lawsuit against Facebook for ideas. With the millions they are said to have received in a settlement, they bought Bitcoins and rose to crypto-billionaires. In 2015, they founded the crypto trading platform Gemini, with a dedicated app added at the end of 2018. It is now to be linked to the Samsung blockchain wallet, as Bloomberg writes.

Access to cryptotrade for Samsung users

This would simplify access to cryptocurrency trading for users of Samsung smartphones and bring Gemini new customers. Actually, the crypto wallet serves the safe storage of digital coins. With the new Gemini support, Samsung users - for the time being in the USA and Canada - can directly view their credits acquired via the platform. If you want to buy and sell the digital money, the wallet will be forwarded directly to the Gemini app - without having to register again.

According to industry observers, one of the big brakes when it comes to the spread of digital currencies is the often multi-step filing of crypto exchanges and extra wallets. The collaboration between Samsung and Gemini is now supposed to change this at least to a certain extent. Financial details of the planned cooperation are not known.

Blockchain wallet should make Dapps usable

The Samsung wallet is not least used to make so-called Dapps - distributed apps - usable for smartphone owners, such as games that run via the blockchain. Users can then purchase game content with crypto-money.

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