Lian Li Lancool 205: Lancool is again cheaper and simple

lian li lancool 205 buy amazon and Review
Lian Li Lancool 205 Specs 

Under the name Lancool, Lian Li offered countless years ago cheaper versions of mainstream cases for more price-conscious buyer classes. After the revival of the brand, little was seen of the former budget orientation. This is now changing with the simple design of Lian Li Lancool 205.

Lian Li Lancool 205 Special Design know Specs and Price 

The housing does not only differ from the previously presented Lancool products in terms of price. The design also stands out: it dispenses with frills and gimmicks like lighting. The Lancool 205 differs from flat surfaces only in one place.The air intakes on the metal front are inserted.

Power supply and an HDD cage find a place at the bottom of the case in a closed compartment in the Midi tower. This is connected to the chassis. Since the window does not cover the entire page, the lower element can be removed separately to access hard drives. Two more disks fit in the Lancool 205 in two mounts behind the motherboard.

LIAN LI Mid-Tower Chassis ATX Computer Case PC Gaming

Size restrictions apply only to power supplies that may be 165 millimeters long, and CPU coolers whose height is limited to 160 millimeters. Both are sufficient to use mainstream products.Only in the high-end segment can there be problems in both categories.

In addition to the mandatory rear fan, the Lancool 205 can be fitted with two 120 or 140 mm fans on the top and front. They are screwed to a pull-out bracket, which is intended to facilitate assembly. Two 120 mm fans with PWM connection are supplied for air exchange.

A competitive segment

The Lian Li Lancool 205 is expected to reach retail on June 5 at a recommended price of around 65 euros for the black version. In white, an additional price of five euros is charged. Thus, the housing can be found in a densely populated market segment: be quiet Pure Base 500, Pure Base 500DX (Test) and Pure Base 600, Thermaltake S300, Sharkoon RGB LIT 200, Phanteks Eclipse P360X, Deepcool Gamer Storm Macube 310P and Jonsbo C5 lure with a similarly simple design, comparable layout, but partly different features.

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