7 Dangerous Viruses have Spread so far with these Animals

These 7 dangerous viruses have spread so far with these animals

As far as the Scientists of the World are Finding out the real Cause of Corona Virus, it has not yet been fully confirmed. Even before this many diseases, viruses have come and many infected animals have been responsible for those diseases. Let's know from which animals have spread 7 dangerous diseases so far

1 .Plague :- Rabbit Virus to Humans.

Plague disease is caused to humans by the bite of fleas or those who have already bitten an infected animal, such as a rat, rabbit, squirrel, etc. Apart from this, meat of such infected animals is eaten by eating mutton, by biting them or by contact with such infected person.

2 .Ads

The disease was first found in the monkeys of the Congo country. Since then, it has spread everywhere. The onset of a dangerous and incurable disease like AIDS was first found in a species of monkey, chimpanzee.

3. Swine Flu

Swine influenza is an infectious respiratory disease that normally affects only pigs. It is usually caused by the H1N1 strain of swine influenza A virus. Close contact with infected pigs occurs.

4. Ebola virus

The root cause of this disease is told through the food methods of Africa (Sudan). That is, the meat of wild animals such as mice, snakes, deer, bats along with chimpanzees was a dish. People here used to hunt bats. And this is why this dangerous virus spread around the world.

5. Rabies

Rabies is a virus that lives in the saliva of infected animals and infects warm-blooded animals. The brain swells due to infection. In India, almost infected dogs are bitten or scratched.

6.Bird Flu

Infection of this dangerous virus affects humans and birds more. Bird flu infection affects birds like chicken, turkey, geese and duck species the most. This can lead to death of humans and birds. The disease is spread by being very close to infected chickens or other birds.

7. Corona virus

The epidemic that brought the epidemic in 2020, the corona virus, is still incurable. So far it has not been fully proved what are its main roots. Previously, snakes and bats were believed to be sold in Chinese markets, while researchers at South China Agricultural University in China have attributed the pangolin to coronavirus.
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