The downfall of Virat Kohli career

The downfall of Virat Kohli career
The downfall of Virat Kohli career 
The downfall of Virat Kohli career Failure 

The captain of the Indian team is not taking the name of Virat Kohli's failure. Kohli's confidence in the bat is also evident in his fielding and captaincy.

Please tell that Kohli failed with the bat in both innings of Wellington Test and played innings of 2 and 19 runs respectively. The same situation remained in both innings of Kohli's second Test match as he returned to the pavilion after scoring 3 and 14 runs.

The minimum runs scored by Kohli in two Test matches:

The tour of New Zealand has proved to be the worst for Indian captain Kohli. He has scored 38 runs in both Test matches in total.

(1) 38 vs New Zealand, 2020

(2) 46 vs Australia, 2016/17

(3) 60 vs West Indies, 2013/14

(4) 76 vs West Indies, 2011

(5) 115 vs West Indies, 2011/12

Let's see the statistics of Kohli's last 10 innings:

In 22 innings, 94 *, 19, 70 *, 4, 0, 85, 30 *, 26, 16, 78, 89, 45, 11, 38, 11, 51, 15, 9, 2, 19, 3 and 14 respectively Has scored. During 22 Kohli scored 50+ 6 times but did not manage to score a century even once. But on the tour of New Zealand, it was limited to Kohli, he managed to score 50+ only once in a total of 11 innings of T20, ODI and Test matches.

Can we guess from the fact that Kohli's career has started declining now and the growing age has started dominating this Lion Heart player
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