Nail Polish Remover at Home

Nail Polish Remover at Home.

How to use Nail Polish Remover, Acetone Nail Polish Remover, Nail Polish Remover at Home.

When going to a party or a function, all the women's make-up is complete and when it comes time to apply nail polish, the problem starts when the bottle of remover is empty. In such a situation, everyone is angry, what should we do now.

Gel Polish Remover.

But now you do not get angry and disappointed in such a situation because today we have brought a simple way to make remover for you at home. With the help of which you can remove the old nail polish from the fingernails without delay. So let us know without delay the method of making nail polish remover.

Actually, nail polish remover contains a solvent chemical called acetone, which acts to dilute it. However, exposure to this chemical for a long time causes headaches and heart beats to intensify and may cause breathing problems. Not only this, metabolism can also slow down. Not only this, the color of the nail also turns yellow, which does not cure for a long time.

Varnish Remover.

Recipe for nail paint at home
One teaspoon lemon juice, three teaspoons apple cider vinegar, cotton ball. Take a bowl and mix lemon juice and apple cider vinegar in it. Now mix all the ingredients with the help of a spoon. When the nail polish is to be released, make it and put your finger in the solution. Soak it for 30 to 40 seconds. When the layer of nailpaint starts coming out from the top of the nail, then rub it with the help of cotton and start getting rid of it.

After applying nailpaint, you face many problems. Sometimes nail polish takes time to dry, due to which it also deteriorates. Some measures can be taken to dry it quickly. After applying the nail polish, if you soak the nails in cold water, then the nail polish will dry up soon. This method is absolutely brilliant and tried.

Nail Varnish use.

If the nail polish is to remain on the hands for a long time, then some measures can be taken for this. For example, after giving perfect shape to the shape of the nails, you apply a transparent base coat. Apply transparent nail paint at the midpoint of the nails. After this, apply it on both the parts of the nails. Keep in mind that nail paints only use good brands
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