Jaipur Doctors have found a Cure for Corona Virus

Jaipur doctors have found a cure for corona virus

Has the Doctors of Jaipur really found out the cure for Corona Virus, Ehat is the truth here.

Today we are going to tell you about such a story that you will also be surprised to hear that new cases of Corona virus are coming up all over the world, even one person has died due to Corona virus in Karnataka.

Corona virus has caused 2 deaths in the country, where on one hand it is fast trying to stop the spread of the disease, on the other hand, its treatment is also being sought, in the midst of this exercise, an Italian woman infected with the corona virus of Jaipur Sawai Mansingh Hospital. The treating doctor has claimed that this woman has been cured with anti-HIV medicines lopinavir and ritonavir.

Coronavirus in Jaipur Update by Doctors! 

Dr. S. Meena, Medical Superintendent of SMS Hospital, told that Lopinavir and Ritonavir were given when the person started having difficulty in breathing. Such a person is a doctor himself, has been placed on ICU oxygen support and his condition is serious. Corona was also infected with the virus, now she is fine, now she has been sent to another hospital. This is the first time these drugs have been used to treat the growing cases of corona virus in India. He said that when we do not have big data that come from such tests, we will not be able to make any conclusions because this drug was given And have gathered attention to it
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