How to Use Prega News Kit at Home and Know Price, Side Effect and Symptoms

Prega news kit at Home

How to Use Prega News Kit at Home and Know Price, Side Effect, Use Right Way and Pregnancy Before Symptoms Missed Period Checklist.

Prega News Kit Home Pregnancy Test kit Results? 

This simple kit is used to find out if the woman / woman is pregnant or not. The Prega News pregnancy test kit is sold commercially at almost all medical facilities and stores. It is easily available for purchase on various online portals. It can be used at home to detect HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) content in a woman's urine that detects pregnancy.

Nature:                  Pregnancy Test Kit
Uses                  Early detection of pregnancy
Composition:  1 Card, 1 Dropper, Silica Granules
Side Effects:         No side-effects
Precautions.        Cleanliness, External Use Only

How to Use Prega  News and Result Positive / Negative?

Inside a pack of Prega News, there is a test strip, a dropper and silica granules. To use the Prega News pregnancy kit, the following steps need to be taken -

1. Collect urine first in the morning in a dry and clean container to ensure that it is not contaminated.
2. Use the provided dropper to pull the collected urine and pour it into the strip of Prega.
3. Ensure that there are no spillovers. In case of any accidental spillover, the silica granules in the pack can be used to wipe them.
4. Wait 5 minutes to get results from prega news pregnancy test.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Early Pregnancy Symptoms before Missed Period Checklist 

(1) Missed Period :-The first symptom that occurs in pregnancy is the disappearance of Masik Dharma. Only then should you think about the symptoms of another pregnancy.

(2) Sore Breasts - There may be a slight heaviness or pain in the breasts. If a woman feels a breach in her breasts and has also lost her Masik Dharma in the last month, then she can do a Pregnancy Test in the Pregnancy Testing Card.

(3) Frequent Urination - Frequent urination can also be an early sign of pregnancy. If the woman has missed her menstrual period and is urinating frequently then you can do a pregnancy test.

(4) Fatigue - Missing of the Masik Dharma on climbing stairs or doing some work.

(5) Nausea and Vomiting - Most pregnant women experience nausea in the first trimester or vomiting in the morning. But it is not necessary that all women experience vomiting.

(6) Elevated Basal Body Temperature - Most women also have mild fever at the beginning of pregnancy. So you can keep this symptom in mind as well.

(7) Food Aversion - Most women do not feel like eating or feel hungry during the early days of conception.

(8) Headache - Many women have mild pain in the head in the first month of pregnancy. If any woman has headache or mild fever in her head and menstruation has been missed for one month, then you can check pregnancy using pregnancy test kit.

(9) Abdominal Cramping - Some women also feel mild pain in lower abdomen while pregnant. If you have mild pain in the lower part of the abdomen and missed menstruation, you can do the test of pregnancy at home through the kit.

(10) Light bleeding or spotting - This is the last symptom you can pay attention to. Some women also have mild bleeding from the vulva at the beginning of conception. This happens because the Masik religion is lost
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