Coronavirus Symptoms and Precautions

Coronavirus Symptoms and Precautions
Coronavirus Symptoms and Precautions

Have a Cold Know  Coronavirus Symptoms?

Corona virus cases are slowly increasing in the country. Corona virus is causing panic and fear in people. Actually, anyone who has a cough or sneeze or has difficulty in breathing, people are associating it with the corona virus. In view of this very dangerous and deadly virus, you need to be aware, but there is no need to panic.

So instead of being nervous and upset with the corona virus, be aware and take care of the precisions needed to keep the virus from spreading. But the biggest question that arises is how to know if someone has a common cold or cold or corona virus? When should the corona virus test be done? We have brought the answers to these questions for you.

Coronavirus Symptoms vs Cold.

- Doctors say that most cases of corona virus are similar to common cold and flu. If a person is seeing some mild symptoms of the flu, then there is no need to get the corona virus tested. If you have low grade fever, cold cough, then relax at home and take plenty of liquids and fluids. But the patients who have high grade fever, feel difficulty in breathing, those patients should not ignore their symptoms and should contact the doctor immediately.

- Doctors say that the symptoms of influenza and corona virus are same and hence it is difficult to distinguish between them medically at this time. In such a situation, if you have a runny nose, mild cold, cough and fever, then you rest more and more, try to increase immunity and take anti-viral medicines.

- Doctors say that the corona virus is mainly targeting the elderly. In such a situation, if you already have any disease, diabetes, heart disease, stroke or respiratory disease, do not take flu-like symptoms lightly and contact the doctor immediately. It may still take 8 to 12 months to become a corona virus vaccine.

Symptoms of corona virus are some of the ways- Fever, cough, shortness of breath are its symptoms.

- There is a constant cough in this virus.
- It shows sudden fever, runny nose, difficulty in breathing and sore throat
- Initially its symptoms are like normal flu.
- Severe headache, pneumonia, bronchitis and sore throat
- Pneumonia and kidney diseases occur when the infection becomes severe.
- If symptoms are felt more than common cold then a good doctor should be seen
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