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History of Bodhidharman

Legend Bodhidharman History and Story of Bodhidharma Buddhist, Power of Bodhidharman Teaching DNA Family Book, Bodhidharman Born and Death.

Bodhidharma History Story:-

Hello friends, in this post today we will understand the story and history of Bodhidharma, a great Buddhist monk full of secrets and facts, a little better. Very little story exists about his biography, but later on the basis of facts, many things have been added to it.

Who is Bodhidharma and His Story:-

Bodhidharman or Bodhidharma was an ancient Buddhist monk who lived from 5th to 6th century. Traditionally, Bodhidharma is considered the first person or transmiter to bring 'Chan Buddhism' to China.

It is also considered to be the first Vice Chancellor of China. According to Chinese mythology, he also started physical training to the monks of the Shaolin Monastery, which later became known as Shaolin Kung Fu. Bodhidharman is known as Dharuma in Japan.

According to the main Chinese sources, Bodhidharman came from the western regions. The Jogi may have been considered part of Central Asia or some Indian subcontinent and Persian from the Central Asian part. If we look at the mythological figure of Bodhidharaman, it depicts Bodhidharaman as an inauspicious, indifferent, bearded, wide-eyed non-Chinese person.

According to the author of the modern period, Bodhidharaman is described as the time of the 5th century. Apart from Chinese civilization and mythology, Bodhidharman is also mentioned in many other traditions.

Bodhidharman is mentioned in different ways in different places. Some earlier writings describe the time of Bodhidarman to be in the song 'New Song Dynasty' by Liu Yu. Bodhidharman is believed to have existed in 'Liang Dynasty' in some other places and some say that Bodhidharman lived in areas of 'Northern V'.

The teachings and teachings of Bodhidharman were particularly based on meditation and the Lankavatara Sutra. According to the book The Anthology of the Patriarchal Hall 952, Bodhidharaman is considered the 28th Buddhist Guru or head who directly connects Bodhidharaman with Gautama Buddha.

Bodhidharma and the History of Kung Fu:-

Although the tradition of fighting styles is very old in China, but most modern systems are believed to be the result of the teachings of Bodhidharman.

There is no complete description about it in history, but according to a brief description, it is believed that Bodhidharman visited the Shaolin Temple during the 6th century. There he taught many types of fighting exercises and exercises to many monks with the help of which Kung Fu flourished in the modern era.

If we note, based on the surviving mythological evidence, it is found that Emperor Huang Ti used a basic fighting system called chiao ti (or go-ti) which was around 2,674 BCE. It evolved into Shuai Cheo, which is similar to judo and is a rapid attack method with the help of elbows and knees.

Biography Age Family Personal Life:-

These early systems were specifically meant to develop the combat skills of soldiers in the army. Also, the people who were attached to it for a long time, after retiring in some monastery, they used to stay healthy and healthy using the same training techniques.

Around 600 BCE, Confucius stated that martial arts should be encouraged in everyday life and their contemporary Lao Tzu, a philosophical system called Taoism was formulated.

The teachings of these two were handed down through the ages and they became associated with China's martial arts and later with neighboring countries. But the martial art of the modern era began when Kungfu, along with some of his other monks, taught a new way to the Indian monk Bodhidharman Shaolin Temple around 527 CE. Bodhidharman is known as 'Ta Mo' in China.

Bodhidharman History and Mythology Bodhidharma History and Legend:-

'Ta Mo' or 'Bodhidharman' went to meet the emperor of China. He was a pious man believed that knowledge could be attained through good works done by others in his name. Later, he asked to translate the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit, Buddhist scriptures into Chinese so that common people could practice those things.

But Bodhidharman disagreed with this translation of religions and the Sanskrit translation occurring in the Shaolin Temple. They were not allowed to enter the courtyard of the temple due to disagreements with the ruler or the emperor. To prove his worth, Bodhidharaman meditated for 9 years in a cave, in front of a nearby wall.

Gradually, seeing his more hard work, the other monks of the temple started bringing food for him and gradually a positive relationship developed between them. The companions were all influenced by Bodhidharman's ideas and started training with him.

Bodhidharman shared the Buddhist knowledge that came to be known as 'Chan Buddhism' in China. Not only China but Japan also spread the knowledge and method of Bodhidharman's martial arts, which is known as Jain.

Bodhidharma Death:-

Bodhidarman's mysterious Death took place in 540 AD, at the Shaolin Monastery, Zhengzhou, China.

How much the story of Bodhidharma's history is based on reality, in fact it can never be known. But we can say that many mythologies have arisen about them and they all have become part of the development of the culture of kung fu itself.

Some stories suggest that he literally pierced the walls of the cave with the power of his sharp eyes, and some believe that while meditating, the sun directly burned the rock

Bodhidharma Buddhist Monk Who Invented Martial Arts.

There have been many such great people in India who have made their name famous all over the world. Bodhidharma was one such person.

Bodhidharma was only a Buddhist monk to say, but his knowledge brought him to a completely different achievement. In today's time, most people think that kung-fu and martial arts have been developed by countries like China and Japan, when it is not so. The credit for bringing martial arts to China goes to Bodhidharma. He, with his knowledge, taught this effective technique of fighting the people of China. Not only this, Bodhidharma has also introduced China to many things.

So let's try to know the amazing life of Bodhidharma from the pages of history.

'Prince's life' left to become a monk
Bodhidharma's life was not about sages from the beginning. He was also not a descendant of any Buddhist monk. In real life, Bodhidharma was a noble prince. It is believed that Bodhidharma was born in the Pallava dynasty of South India. His father was the king of Kanchipuram. Since childhood, Bodhidharma had unlimited wealth. There was no lack of anything for them. He could spend his entire life with a lot of comfort, but this did not happen. Bodhidharma could have chosen an easier life, but he thought it better to choose a common life.

It is said that Bodhidharma was attracted to Buddhism in his childhood. He loved the effort of Buddhist sages to find a simple life and inner peace. Bodhidharma was the youngest of his three brothers. There are such beliefs that he had trouble breathing since childhood. To avoid this problem, he had to do some breathing exercises.
Through this, he also became closer to yoga.

In the early days, Bodhidharma also learned the art of fighting. He mastered many types of martial arts, but with time his focus shifted from war to Buddhism. With this, he decided to become a Buddhist monk at an early age. He started by learning 'Meditation'. In Buddhism, we teach how to calm your mind while learning meditation. Bodhidharma also learned this and learned that in the end it made him the 28th Acharya of Buddhism.

When Bodhidharma became fully adept at meditation, he was sent as an envoy to China to enhance this education. The real journey of Bodhidharma started from there.

Bodhidharma Left His Home For Being A Buddhist Monk (Representative Pic: deviantart)

Gave birth to martial arts

A Buddhist monk is believed to have started the Shaolin Temple in China around thirty years before Bodhidharma moved to China in 495 CE. When Bodhidharma went there, his job was to pursue Buddhist education even further, but this task was not so easy. Mount Song He Shaolin Temple of China was located. After reaching China, Bodhidharma went directly to that temple. He told the people there that he had come from India and wanted to teach him to meditate through yoga, but the temple authorities refused him to enter the temple.

Despite not getting the approval,

Bodhidharma did not say anything and went further up the mountain to meditate in a cave. The temple authorities felt that Bodhidharma would be run from there in a short period of time, but once he started meditating, he made the place his home. There are beliefs that Bodhidharma used to meditate in that cave for about 9 years. Meanwhile, he also devised some new exercises to keep himself healthy. After 9 years of penance, the temple authorities allowed Bodhidharma to visit the Shaolin Temple.

As soon as he went inside the Bodhidharma temple, he saw that no person there is healthy. For this, the exercise they did in the cave taught them to the people of the temple and later the martial arts were made. It was very effective. Due to this, the body was also healthy and fighting without weapons also came due to this. On seeing this new warfare came out of China and spread to other nearby countries.

This learning taught by Bodhidharma was named 'Zen Buddhism'.

Bodhidharma Invented The Martial Arts (Representative Pic: shaolinmontreal)

The discovery of tea and the death of Bodhidharma!

Bodhidharma is not only considered the discoverer of martial arts. It is said that he discovered another thing which people know today as tea. This story related to Bodhidharma is very famous. It is believed that when the people of Shaolin temple did not allow Bodhidharma to enter, then they meditated in a cave for 9 years. While meditating, there came a time when Bodhidharma's meditation got a bit broken and he accidentally fell asleep.

As soon as Bodhidharma's eyes opened, he realized that sleep was hindering his meditation. He wanted to break it down so that no one could fall asleep while meditating. In this episode, he noticed that while sleeping, our eyelids are attached and our eyes are closed. After this, Bodhidharma thought nothing and cut his eyelids. It is said that when those eyelids fell on the ground, after some time, a plant was formed from them, which was later considered a tea plant. How true this story is and how much is not it remains a question even today.
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