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Animals Class 10 NCERT English First Flight Poem Explanation, Summary, Difficult words

Once some children were killing a Nagaraja. A king protected him. Pleased with the king, Nagaraja gave that king the opportunity to understand and speak the language of animals. But he also warned that if he ever discusses that matter with anyone, his life will go away.

One day after a state business, the king was eating and drinking something while sitting in a garden with his beloved queen. Just then a small piece of dessert fell down. After a while, an ant reached there and shouted happily upon seeing that piece, "Oh wow? Such a huge dessert that can't even fit in a whole bullock cart!" Then she tried to take that piece away. Hearing the ant, the king laughed and smiled.

Seeing the mysterious smile of the king, the queen realized that there was probably an error in her makeup. So he asked the king to know the reason for his smile.

Animals Poem of Lion 

But the king postponed her. When the king reached his bedroom that night, the queen made a variety of plays to find out the reason for his mysterious smile. Ultimately, the king had to give up and told the queen that if he gave the reason, he would die. On hearing this, the queen stood firm on her stubbornness. Then the king told him that the next day he would tell him the whole thing in the same garden.

The next day when the king was going to the same garden with his servants, he was seen talking a donkey and a goat on the way. Upon reaching the king, he heard that the goat was saying to the donkey, "Donkey! You are a fool! But today I learned that this king is a bigger fool than you." The king was surprised by the talk of the goat. He asks the goat why he thinks she is a 'stupid idiot'? The goat said to the king, "O Rajan! Today you are happily sacrificing your life to please your queen. But when that queen is the rightful owner of all your property after your death life with another person. If you enjoy it, will you still be happy? "

Animals Poem of Zebra and other Animals 

After listening to the goat, the king's conscience woke up and he realized the value of his life.

When the king reached Bagh, he said to the queen, "Queen, I am ready to tell you the reason for my smile, but there is a condition. You have to eat a hundred whips, because my life will come out immediately if I tell you the secret." The queen thought that the king loved her so much that she would be whipped in falsehood. So she agreed to eat the whip. Then the king asked one of his soldiers (with full power) to flog the queen. The soldier then lashed out at the queen with full power.

As the whip struck the queen a whip she screamed "Ah! It hurts so much. Don't beat me with a whip! I don't even know the secret of the king's smile."

Then the king told the whip that he whipped the whip more vigorously on the queen because she accepted the death of her husband but not a single whip.

When the whip was about to whip the queen again, the king's minister urged the king to forgive the queen. The king forgave the queen, but she never granted honor and love again

Animal Poem and Stories

In this post Animals Stories In Hindi, 5 inspirational animal stories (Janwar Ki Kahani) 

The education that comes from them are told. The best 5 stories about animals is an attempt to tell. Animal Story also has well-known Indian stories which will prove to be especially inspiring for children. Motivational stories show you the true way of living and teach honesty. So friends, let's try to find out 5 inspirational stories about animals.

5 Famous Animal Poem

1. First inspirational story - Lion and clever rabbit

Animals Poem - Once upon a time, there was a big and dense forest in which the lion king of the forest lived. The lion was powerful and brave, which used to frighten the rest of the animals in the forest. The lion used to kill and eat an innocent animal some day. The animals of the forest were very disturbed because the population of animals in the forest was decreasing due to indiscriminate hunting.

Animals Poem of Rabbit 

To overcome this problem, the animals of the forest called a meeting. After deep consideration in this meeting, it was decided that the king lion would be sent to eat an animal every day. A group of animals went to the lion and was offered this. The lion was very happy with this offer because now he did not need to go anywhere for hunting. The victim himself was going to come to him daily. After considering the proposal of the animals, the lion said in a very angry manner that if food does not come any day, he will kill all the animals in the forest. The animals were afraid of him and the lion agreed.

After this treaty of animals with the lion king of the forest, peace and peace came in the forest. The animals chose any one and sent it to the lion. The animals also wandered into the jungles fearlessly. One day a small rabbit number came under the proposal, which was very clever. As soon as the rabbit heard his name, the ground slipped under his feet. The rabbit panicked a little, but then when he thought carefully, a thought was made.

Animal Stories and Poem

Animals Poem - The rabbit walked slowly to the lion. It took him a long time to arrive. The lion was hungry due to which he became enraged. The lion asks the rabbit why he has come so late? Are you not afraid of me Are the animals of the forest not my fear? How will my stomach be filled with a small animal like you, now I will kill all the animals in the forest.

The rabbit panicked a bit and then replied: "Your Majesty there is no fault of mine and animals in this. Why am I late? There is a reason behind this. If you say, I will tell you the whole story ”. The lion replied angrily "So tell me quickly, I'm hungry".

The rabbit said: “Maharaj, today we were the turn of the rabbits. We are very small beings, so that one does not fill your stomach. So the animals made sure that four more rabbits would come with me. We were coming to you, but in the middle of the way, another powerful lion stopped us. We explained to the lion that the lion king of the forest is waiting for us, let us go. Then he angrily said that I am the king of the jungle. The one you are going to is a fake king. Having said that, he ate 4 of my colleagues. I was thin, so he left me
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